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Palm tree in Belen New Mexico


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I went to Belen New Mexico this week and I was going around and saw a California fan palm (Washingtonia Filifera) in Belen. It was about 8 ft tall and had cold damage on it. I didn't get to take a picture of it, but I do have the address if you want to see it. 


135 Tafoya Rd, Belen, NM 

It's on the side of the house.

Belen is zone 7a I think. It was planted around 2013-2016, shows google maps.

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Ok, I took a screenshot of the palm in Belen NM. I put a red circle over it

This was in July 2022 on Google maps 923287978_Screenshot_20230207-1935432.png.eb4b4012dc5fd8bfa9e107071fb9f8ae.png

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Hopefully it's roots hit that high water table and grows up like it's cousin 100 miles south. 

Belen and Socorro have always surprised me with lack of palms. But yet the Chihuahuan desert is right there!


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