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  2. Hortulanus

    Kentias at 43ºN

    They're truly amazing palms. I think they fit perfectly into Northen Spain's coastal areas. There should be even more of them!
  3. For those in NorCal, a specimen blooms every year here: https://conservatoryofflowers.org/blog/the-pride-of-burma-amherstia-nobilis/
  4. It looks nice! I've struggled more with the regular form of Chambeyronia macrocarpa versus the hookeri form, so I'm always impressed to see nice ones like yours. What is the timeline between the initial plantings in your first post photos of everything after they came out of pots versus current day? If I'm not mistaken, I see a Howea forsteriana in one of the early photos, but can't find it in the later. I assume it is one of the deaths?
  5. Hortulanus

    Tall Washingtonias

    In a European landscape they actually look bigger than in North America. Just because everything is more dense. Amazing!
  6. Brandon39.5

    Planting a royal palm in mallorca

    I bought it from a garden center in my city, it's called Fronda if someone is interested.
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  8. ZenMan 1

    New Seeds 01/19/2023

    Good Day NatureGirl, Do you have any more ‘Calyptrocalyx elegans @ .50each?? I WOULD LIKE 50 of these. Let me know! ZenMan 1 😃
  9. Here that is common around coastal areas and often right at the high tide mark in sand. We call this “Vau” and it is regarded for many uses and also being a medicinal plant. It appears to be endemic to all latitudes in the tropics and part of the subtropics north and south of the equator.
  10. 4th day of the cold snap in Greece and Kasos yet again records the highest minimum T in the country...
  11. Its only because of higher elevation and the proximity to orographic precipitation coming from Immitos mountain
  12. Trachycarpus fortunei will be the fastest grower, but Sabal mexicana grows fairly fast, for a sabal, once trunking occurs the growth rate speeds up. Sabal mexicana also experiences temperatures below 10oF north of San Antonio and west of Austin, as well as being commercially available south of the state line in Texas.
  13. WaianaeCrider

    22 years later

  14. amh

    Tennessee Sabal Minor Population

    The underground trunk growth really anchors this species into the ground.
  15. Macrozamia communis will germinate like other cycad species, but this species puts down a big taproot, similar to Dioon spinulosum. Clean off all of the sarcotesta and use a chemical fungicide to prevent rotting. I use perlite for a growing medium until leaves appear.
  16. First question is do you know whether the female cone they came from was pollinated? Second comment is clean them before you try to germinate them. Have you tried the float test on them? I have never played with Macrozamia seeds so have no experience sprouting them even though I have a couple plants growing that I acquired as 2 leaf seedlings several year's ago. Macrozamia communis is one of the easier growing species in the genus in our Southern California climate.
  17. Just saw one in bloom at Bill Austin's in Kurtistown a couple of weeks ago when we visited. I don't recall having seen one bloom in person prior to that. My wife really liked it and was asking if we could grow one back in Leucadia.
  18. That’s a nice size palm where did you buy it if they sell them there the must grow there
  19. Brandon39.5

    Planting a royal palm in mallorca

    This is the royal that i've got is it a good size for planting? it's even starting to get some trunk
  20. Thermal radiation can be huge from structures. Especially if a structure has mass(concrete/adobe, etc.)
  21. Jerrrod

    Fastest growing palm trees for zone 7b/8a

    Thanks guys, the weather here isn't too bad, rain from February to early June (most times heavy) and dryish for the rest of year. It's really hot and humid during the summer, May to September. It really doesn't get cold until December and/or January. By February we're seeing 70's-80's, just like in November/December. I did buy some Pindo and Washingtonia Filiferia and have about 200 date palm seeds (I love dates). Before the big freeze a couple of years ago I had grown some dates (CIF & true dates) and some Bismarkias. They were between 2-3', didn't know much about growing palms in this area and didn't expect the freezing temperatures. Everyone had told me that it only snows and sticks every 20 years or so, they didn't expect the freeze either. Needless to say I lost them all.
  22. Howdy all! Scored some seeds at the PSSC meeting on February 4, 2023. Never sprouted these before; any and all thoughts appreciated.
  23. palmnut-fry

    Palms of Dallas

    This Washy survived near 0° couple of years ago in Garland, Tx! It now looks about as happy after Xmas freeze as my backyard Trachy! Note the smaller Sabal bermudana burned and taller one with blankets as well. My Brahea armata I just planted last spring has intact center spears look normal color deep down! Raining heavy today but going to apply hydrogen peroxide bud rinse on all of them. Just to be safe. *Note this is first time I have posted using smartphone. Talk about late embrace of tech 🤭
  24. Pal Meir

    Lytocaryum weddellianum in Pots

    Staminate and pistillate flowers of L weddellianum (N°1304):
  25. Once again great seed got 100 percent germination on fallaensis !
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