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  2. How did you keep a foxtail alive in 8b? Do you get frost in your area?
  3. JohnAndSancho

    How much does a palm weigh?

    Time to see if the Power Bowl® really lives up to it's name.
  4. Neil C

    A visit to a palm nursery

    That looks like Charlie's place at Mullumbimby. I've brought many great palms from him. Do you have photos of the vulcanos? Regards Neil
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  6. Mangosteen

    Selling an inherited palm nursery

    You may just be lucky to find someone willing to move the inventory off the property to their nursery in exchange for the plants. There is a lot of labor, time and transportation costs going out to Fallbrook. There really isn't much value in the photos unless there are some less common palms you are not showing.
  7. Jim in Los Altos

    Chambeyronia macrocarpa

    Chambeyronia usually produce red fronds at a very young stage, often as small seedlings. The amount of red, maroon, orange, or bronze varies from plant to plant. I have many in my garden. Here are the tiniest ones showing bright red. These palms appreciate fertile loam but will tolerate some clay in the soil too. They like lots of water year round and morning sun/afternoon shade particularly when young. They tolerate more sun as they mature.
  8. DoomsDave

    Chambeyronia macrocarpa

    Just buy them?
  9. ChicagoPalma

    Hawaii time!

    I went to an arboretum on road to Hana and I got livinstonia seeds, Manila palm seeds, oil palm seeds, golden fruit palm seeds, Everglades palm, and some Queen palm hybrids! Message me for more details! Dollar per seed!
  10. Silas_Sancona

    Why not grow orchids?

    Looking around again last night, i think it could have been Broward County O.S. ..something about the name rang a bell.. Still in business also . OFE looks like another good resource for supplies as well.. You'll appreciate this side note.. While picking up a box of lights, broke down and bought a small pot of standard green Hoya kerrii from the houseplant section.. Unlike most offerings of it you see ( which are just a leaf stuck in a pot, which likely won't continue growing. ) these were actual cuttings w/ new growth / plenty of stem. Have reached the point where it is time for adding ..at least.. a couple Hoyas again, haha. Figure hanging them under the front porch ( east facing ) should provide enough light, and keep the sun off of them. If i decide to add couple " tougher " Orchids next year, that is where i'd keep them as well.
  11. peachy

    A visit to a palm nursery

    A Volcana is a rare find. I tried to get one for years in Brisbane with no success. After I moved house I couldn't find a Trachycarpus anywhere either. 10 years ago they were available everywhere. Even at the palm show there was only one, a very ratty specimen of fortunei, and was priced at $140 ! A month later at a sunday market I found a lovely healthy one about 50cm overall height in a 30cm pot for $20 !! Peachy
  12. SailorBold

    Albuquerque Cold Hardy Palms

    Definitely Sabal mexicana..and Sabal Riverside..
  13. Humidity is the one thing I don't have to worry over. Most days here one needs a SCUBA tank to go outside. It like having a warm wet blanket thrown over my head ! Great for plants but not so much for people. The shade house is also about 5 degrees cooler than anywhere else. If I put the baby sized palms out there I would be out every 5 minutes checking on them. In the house I can always see them and know they are safe. A couple of them are big enough now to go on the front porch (another safe spot and easily seen) then when they reach 30cms overall they can go in the shade house. Peachy
  14. Darold Petty

    How much does a palm weigh?

    Congratulations !
  15. sandgroper

    What is your current yard temperature?

    Heading for 30c today with a fairly typical forecast for early summer over the coming week.
  16. piping plovers

    Why not grow orchids?

    Can you believe I found this one in the 1/2 price death row cart at Lowe’s today? Went to another Lowes in FL today. Name is vanda wuttipanara manooya. Blooming size, had a faded bloom. Some Sun stress damage but it will recover; zero chance of continued sun stress in RI in December. I looked up the tag online to see what blooms look like and I was hooked. Online photo of the bloom and actual plant below.
  17. JLM

    How much does a palm weigh?

    That is a SCORE! Beautiful. Goodluck with recovery efforts! Hopefully it doesnt experience transplant shock too bad.
  18. This pic brings me extreme amounts of joy!
  19. piping plovers

    Why not grow orchids?

    I wonder if it’s OFE International orchid supply in homestead. Highly recommended by others but I never got out there yet.
  20. BeyondTheGarden

    How much does a palm weigh?

    As expected it took longer than expected. And instead of 10', the trunk was 14 foot. And nowhere rents one-way utility trailers. So I ended up with a trailer and a 2 hour delay. Trunk is 8" wide. I'll do the math tomorrow on hiw much it may weigh. Need to get some Taco Bell and got a 2 hour drive home.
  21. Tom in Tucson


    I wouldn't give you 2¢ for that laptop! Hi 69°, Lo 45°
  22. Tom in Tucson


    Test drag & drop Didn't work post has 434 VIEWS? December 8th. A day that will live in shame. Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a gigolo... Should a poll be started for the best caption?
  23. Palmy Pal

    Growing tropical palms in NC

    Here’s a few of the tropical palms I grow here in southern NC. I figured I’d do an update/track the progress of these since it’s been a while. The double Pygmy date palm is one I’ve had for a good while and is starting to really show off a decent trunk. Should be a pretty cool specimen once it matures. The Christmas palm is one I picked up at a nursery in FL not long ago. The double foxtails are seed from Venice FL and the foxtails stay cozy in the greenhouse for winter. The pygmy date and Christmas palm stay in the garage when it gets cold and they go back outside during the day most of the time since it’s usually pretty warm during daylight. 👍🌴
  24. southpacific73

    Sabal species explained.

    It was awesome to meet you Las Palmas Norte.! Enjoy the palms and give us updates when possible. Happy Growing!
  25. Las Palmas Norte

    Over 200+ seedlings, 9 different species germinating!!!

    Washingtonia are dead easy as you say. I've seen first hand, Trachycarpus germinating on the ground around the palms from fallen seed in not so warm soil. That never happened at my last place because the soil was rocky and course sand so the surface soil dried out too quickly.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Verschaffeltia splendida geonoma atrovirens socratea rostrata marojejya darinii these are not in the ground but I will eventually try planting them time will tell some super tropica palms will grow in the ground here but after a few seasons they slowly succumb to the cold slowly going backwards only to die when you think you have succeeded in growing them I definitely not going to to te6 a MAPU palm though some commonsense is needed but I have seen photos of one example of a MAPU growing indoors under lights over winter and flowering that’s a dedicated grower
  28. On minors, trachycarpus, euro fan palms,I like mid to upper 70s. Some other warmer variety such as Bismarckia mid to upper 90s. Had a few types of Phoenix they did great in mid upper 70s. I used the baggie method or community pots. The community pots always take longer but easier to work with.
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