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I bought this Eucalyptus in 2012 and planted it right away. It was labelled Eucalyptus dalrympleana but I have always had some doubts. It is very fast growing, especially considering the climate (short summers, lack of heat) and it has proven to be quite coldhardy. The worst damage so far has been some leaf spottings on older leaves. We regularly see snow and frost down to -10/-12C in winter as well as prolonged freezes (january 2017 was virtually always below freezing).

This tree only receives sun until noon/ early afternoon, so it is a bit leggy. I planted a sister seedling in my aunt's garden in full sun but it grew so fast that she cut it down three years ago. Grown in full sun, it had a much stockier and bushier appearance.

Any ideas? It was suggested to me that it could be E. parvula..





December 2013



Autumn 2017



It has flowered various times



Adult leaves


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Gunnii is the only one I was fairly sure it is not because it is the only one commonly found in nurseries here and they look different. Mature leaves are not as narrow.

Also, when I crush the leaves of my plant they have a strong but pleasant odour, much like cough sweets. None of the E. gunnii I have tried smelled nearly as good.

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Did you ever find out what species? -12c here killed many Gunnii  (including mine) and mortally wounded many others, 

All had massive damage from such temperatures

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There are also different variation of E. gunnii. I was reading somewhere where ones from different areas within it's range have much more cold hardiness than others.

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