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Need help ID'ing a Eucalyptus

Surat Smile

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Hello all, I am new to the forms and have found so much invaluable information from you all on here. I have been a lurker for well over a year just learning and gathering info. With that said, I decided to make my first post because I need some help. I am in 9b/10a FL. Most winters are mild but we do get that rare occasional drop into the high 20s and rarely the mid 20s. So with that said picking the right eucalyptus for my area is extremely important as the cold hardiness of gum trees can vary wildly (with the famed rainbow eucalyptus being the biggest cold wimp of them all). Meanwhile others can take into the teens or lower. 

So, my question to anyone and everyone here.  Can anyone ID this gum tree? It would really help to know if I'm wasting my time or not. I'll take even rough guesses at this point! 

Help! Lol




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Hard without flowers. Might be Euc. robusta or possibly a Corymbia of some sort, maybe Corymbia maculata, the leaves lengthen as the plants matures.

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That's what I was afraid of lol. With it being so young I knew it would be tough. Guess I'll grow it and see what happens. If it does well, then it does well.  Thanks for the response!

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