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  2. A tale of two Bizzys

    It will be interesting to see if it does well in the ground, inside that little pot will look like a snake pit, the roots may recover and stop circling, but I doubt it. I have read several reports on here of palms blowing over including Bizzys. I suspect that they were left in pots too long.  (Strong winds may also have been a factor.) Keeping a Bizzy or a Juby in a pot is like keeping a bird in a cage. Yes the game is still on, tomorrow I'm starting with Mendelssohn and Bach.
  3. whos growing oddball palms in Melbourne

    My caryota gigas is finally kicking off now, its taken a while to settle in since being planted but should really take off now
  4. Let's see how this works out.

    Nothing so far, only been a few days.
  5. Today
  6. Bismarckias in the garden

    My favorite palm.  Looking good!
  7. whos growing oddball palms in Melbourne

    Hi Tim,   Great! Yeah I'm getting a few of those they will do well down here.....a nice palm !
  8. Good luck with the project, Alex, but why growing them in a container? Wim.
  9. European winter 2016/2017

    And now snow in Mallorca as well... Snow Balearen NW Mallorca, Alaró (200mts) Photo Duncan Wingen 
  10. Dypsis decipiens rotting???

    Yes water it in with seasol, should be choice bru! But that's my opinion.  you have a bit of a drought it sounds like on the east coast south island, on the news front. 
  11. A tale of two Bizzys

    Steve, You are right, the game is still on... How about this, will you continue when I plant it next week in my neighbor garden or you consider it cheating the only chance you have is that I might replace this with a Jubaea I have so my Bizzie will stay in pot for a longer time ...
  12. Dypsis decipiens rotting???

    Thank you so much for all your feedbacks, I truly appreciate any opinion. Today was a BIG day! After hours of thinking(some in bed) I decided to dig the palm out to have a closer look. After all a palm that has been growing for 1,5 years in the ground with no issue must be hiding something underneath(Christchurch NZ air is dry). The pictures I posted didn’t give justice, it does look worth. Well after digging out the 150 ltrs root ball I discovered 3 major things : 1.       The roots are rotting underneath the palm. 2.       Half of the plastic container bag was left underneath(by the company that planted it…no comment) 3.       The palm is on a slope and the irrigation seems to run down straight into it. I cleaned all the rot, applied a fungicide and replanted the palm on a layer of river stones (higher than ground level). I also improved the drainage around the palm with pumice and used a drain pipe to stop the water going straight into the root ball. Would it survive??? I have no idea but I have no regret about digging it out today!   Should I give it plenty of water after replanting it or let it dry a bit??? Should I apply a product such as seasol???   Thank you so much for help again…today was a big dig day…I’m going to bed!
  13. Supplier of Pinanga Coronata

    Any suggestions where I can get pinanga coronata seeds?  Rare palm seeds, don't have them ATM.
  14. Bismarckias in the garden

    All stunning pictures of one of my favourite palms. Mines just at seedling stage but its about to push its 6th leaf out. Looking forward to it producing its adult leaves. James
  15. Nannorrhops ritchiana seedlings

    Yes now you say it, one of my Phoenix seedlings is pushing the plant out of the pot as the roots go down - exposing the plant base - on my list of plants to repot ☺ James
  16. Bismarckias in the garden

    The female Bizzy below was planted back in 2003 and has grown really well. Actually, it's dropping seeds right now.   The male counterpart was planted back in 1997 and is around the same height.  It was pure luck they worked out a male/female combo.  I think the female bizzy grew quicker because it was in better deeper soil that got plenty of run-off water. I think Bizzy's are a great looking palm, especially once they get some size about them.    
  17. colin Peters    Bruh

    The Loulu in the pictures with Ray are tall, and more normal looking palms, for the genus. But the Kuliouou ones are extremely stunted and squat. Products of their very windy environment. My best guess is they are also very old, by what is growing on the fat curved trunks.

    I know you are interested in Pritchardia, also. I have a special connection with Bakeri, since it is in the valley that my wife's family has settled in for well over 100yrs, and since they are Hawaiian they have a strong connection to the Aina, and have deep respect for it, and want to protect the last remaining natives that are up there.  aloha

    1. Bruh

      Awesome pictures. I love seeing Loulu in their native environment and your posts on Pritchardia are always a treat for me. Also, Mr. Baker's got one helluva goatee.

      I definitely am interested in Loulu and native hawaiian plants in general. I hope to grow a variety of them on my own piece of land some day.

      I appreciate the offer of seedlings, but I'm hesitant to accept them. I'm still relatively new to growing plants and my thumbs haven't quite turned "Green" yet. I actually lost a few martii plants I tried to grow from seed, lol. I think they might be better off in a more experienced growers hands. I'm a patient guy and I can wait for these beautiful palms to become more widely available in the future.

      Btw, I saw a post of yours from a while back in the "Plants Wanted" section about Pritchardia Viscosa seeds. Did you ever have any luck finding viscosa seeds/plants from Floribunda? or from a sustainable source in general, like someone with a cultivated plant that produces seed?

  18. colin Peters    Bruh

    I am familiar with the effort to get the natives into public plantings. Not sure how it has gone either, but I know no one has collected seed from the Kuliouou group, but they have from the Pupukea one. Have been watching them for a few years now, and it is an extremely difficult process. Most rot before maturity. It takes about 2 yrs from flower to mature seed. Without help they are eaten by rats, I would safely say 100 percent. There is a second group of them on a near vertical wall, also in the Kuliouou area. I have yet to rope down to them, but have noticed with binoculars that the flower spikes are way past the leaves, so likely Baker. There are pictures of them I took, in palmpedia. Here is Ray with his namesake.  aloha



  19. colin Peters    Bruh

    I got a couple seedlings if you want them. Would never sell , but happy to give to someone

    who would respect where they come from, and their rarity. They are soon to become on the endangered list, so the legality will be difficult in the future. 

  20. Pritchardia bakeri in Habitat

    Thanks everyone, rarely is it so clear up there, had a day off so did a quick up and back. Yes, Tim, is at top of Kuliouou!!! Anyone ever come to Honolulu and want to go hike and see some rare native Pritchardia, Id be happy to take you up there, but it is not an easy one. aloha
  21. Supplier of Pinanga Coronata

    Matt, I PM'd you.
  22. The Mangroves that grow at the highest latitude are Avicennia marina var. australasica, White or Grey Mangrove, at 38.7° South. These are in Victoria Australia, and the same are also in Northland New Zealand as far south as 38.1°. They can't grow along high energy coastlines so are restricted to bays and estuaries, their other restriction being temperature.
  23. your garden is looking really nice!!
  24. Dypsis decipiens rotting???

    I think you might be on to something!!   It looks like a different form of DD. The leaflets are  irregular and the thing has a very vertical leaf structure.   I also agree its just an old leaf dying. it should be just fine
  25. Burretiokentia hapala seeds for sale

    I have just cleaned another batch of these seeds. Beer worthy  in 35C temp. Same as above Cheers Steve
  26. C. Nubium - Can it be split?

    yes, you will be fine to split them in half.
  27. good luck and keep us posted on your fun project
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