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  2. Palm ID please.

  3. Palm ID please.

    Dunno darling ;) but it is what it is lol
  4. BTW as for the description of the Fissure number for what we've seen pouring out a lot of lava that's actually Fissure 22 acording to USGS in an interview for Big Island Video News. Another interesting thing we learned from the conference during questioning is that the cracks at Hwy 130 are hot. Not producing SO2 but it was repeated that it is hot. Nice aerial footage from Mick Kalber and Flight by Paradise Helicopters.  
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  6. Hemithrinax ekmaniana

    In 1997 they were in a seed pot. So about 21 years
  7. Palm ID please.

    I always wondered how the lutescens became to be known as an ‘areca’
  8. JungleGina's hideaway

    Your two unknown palm look like a species of Veitchia and Areca triandra. Regards Neil

    Thanks   I hope all these specimens sell.  They really need a home in the garden.
  10. Local Arizona Thread

    For you desert-dwellers, how fast-growing is Pseudophoenix Sargentii?  The first photo above (Phoenix area?) looks to be a decent size, but when was it planted?   By the way, you can buy Pseudophoenix Sargentii in Miami, but I don't know how hard it is to ship plants from Florida to Arizona in terms of agricultural regulations.  
  11. My on-year-old seedlings have started to bloom. I'm hoping these rare to South Florida trees will grow large enough to impress my neighbors. 
  12. Show stopper for sure. They sure get large! Mine is planted where it has about 7 feet on each side until it grows over the sidewalk/road. I have many more years until that would happen anyways. 
  13. Got to love those California palms and gardens!
  14. JungleGina's hideaway

    Yes more more
  15. JungleGina's hideaway

    This is the South Florida jungle variety that I like. Natural and colorful without too much direction of the man-made motif. Great Carpoxylon and Licualas. Live and let live.
  16. Local Arizona Thread

    Ooh. I’d love to find a sargentii or two! If anyone has any leads, please let me know.  I’ve tried ordering seeds. No luck thus far actually receiving any.  
  17. Local Arizona Thread

    One Mule into the ground today.  Went deep to allow for future coverage of new roots per @MattyB ‘s suggestion.  Now I need to come up with a clever way to surround it with some sort of landscape edging to keep the gravel out of the hole.  I’m thinking it’ll be something custom considering the weird slope there.  
  18. Yep. Suspicions affirmed... ___________________________________________________________ ~{{RIP}}~ @PalmTreeDude's Washingtonia Experiment Germinated: Whatever date, probably quite recently. Died: May 2018. It lived a short but beautiful yet frozen and zone-pushed life. It probably wasn't going to make it anyway. Sorry about the loss. _______________________________________________________________
  19. Local Arizona Thread

    Two Mules and a Bismarck for the backyard.  
  20. Local Arizona Thread

    Uh ooooh...  The palmhauler has a bedfull.  
  21. Seeds Syagrus lorenzoniorum

  22. B Moorei seed protection

    Cecille, that's great that you posted a photo !! 
  23. JungleGina's hideaway

    Thank you for the pictures, @JungleGina! I'd feel accomplished if I got that far, too. 
  24. JungleGina's hideaway

    That's all for today, thanks for touring. I feel very accomplished getting this far!
  25. Queen after first winter in Virginia

    I know about some people who grow queen palms in the Raleigh area. With substantial cover in winter, the palms do pretty well. 
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