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  2. Bismark palm seeds

    I think you are trying to germinate immature seeds. Ripe seed is dark brown almost black and has a distinct sweet honey like smell.
  3. Free Chamadorea radicalis seeds!

    The new batch starting to sprout!
  4. FREE Franken Brahea seeds

    The first one!  
  5. Today
  6. Hemithrinax ekmaniana for sale.

    I too would like to see some pictures of these babies
  7. Can you ID this baby?

    Oops, my baby was not on the window sill, but on the balcony and not yet in NL: 
  8. This puppy was a rider with the Schlumbergera that I bought, but I think that it is NOT a Schlumbergera. Possibly a Hylocereus of some sort?? It has three faces (sides) Thanks     Richard  
  9. So the newly planted "lowland" Ficus dammaropsis was not an air layer; I will defer to Josh, who I got it from on it's history.  My other and now older Ficus dammaropsis, with the red fruit, was from an air layer propagation (it is not the "lowland" form).  You are correct, the air layered plant had leaves which were in their mature form when it was still just a 24" stick in a pot with 2 leaves at the top growth point.  The newly planted lowland form clearly does not have it's mature leaf form yet, one of the reasons I put down a snail control around it. They are small soft and still very tender leaves, which would be quite appealing to snails and slugs.
  10. xbutyagrus Mule palm

    I have noticed a fairly sizable variability in Butia fruit color/size/texture but not much variability in taste.  Syagrus R. fruit is pretty similar in taste to the Butia so I don't imagine the mule palm fruit would taste much different.  I ate a single fruit from a mule hybrid F2 and to me it didn't taste different than Butia fruit.  I've made jelly from both Butia and Syagrus fruit and both were excellent! Jon
  11. Weird Kentia cancer spreading.

    In my small experience with Howeas, this looks a Thielaviopsis fungus. May be i am mistaken, but it is possible. I have seen a few Howeas with this dissease.  
  12. Bismark palm seeds

    I've tried twice to germinate Bizzie seeds and no luck either time.  I made sure to collect seeds from trees where I saw seedlings growing to be more confident about the viability.  Do you need to wait until the green fruit turns black?  If so maybe that was my problem.  Or maybe I need to go visit Walt and get some seed from him!  I keep reading how easy they are to germinate but not for me!  I guess I'll just keep trying... Jon
  13. Study of Corypha

    Likes Doomdave, i am screaming!!!!!! Amazing monster!!!
  14. Chickens and Roystoneas

    To exhaust the rooster on the other side?
  15. Yes, the oldest Roystoneas in Málaga and Granada are fruiting with no problem.
  16. Chickens and Roystoneas

    Remember to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk!  They seem to be the only ones crossing correctly.  Why did the chickens cross the road?
  17. Chickens and Roystoneas  
  18. Chickens and Roystoneas

    Downtown Basseterre, St. Kitts.
  19. Chambeyronia macrocarpa from seeds

    Thank you for allowing your nosy fellow palm lovers in for a tour! Will the Joeys make it?!
  20. Ran across this surfing the web: Anyone recognize the location?
  21. Study of Corypha

    YAY! I dug through my Fairchild album and found a photo (from a summer 2015 visit)..
  22. Dypsis decipiens upright form

    Love these palms! I could plant a yard full of them
  23. Study of Corypha

    All the Corypha at Fairchild are such a treat see! I saw the big one in the back in bloom a few years ago. Such a sight to behold - one I'll never forget.  How lucky to be there when it offered up its seed! 
  24. ID please

    I wanna know too! I love their look!
  25. Isn't this Sad?

    I need a MAJOR overhaul on my 1.14 acres in inland Naples. When we first moved in, there was NOTHING but a big ugly clump of saw palmetto/Brazillian pepper, some slash pines, and a few sabals. I started collecting plants from friends and from garden meetups and haphazardly started planting things in desperate need of shade and privacy  Since then, I've learned quite a bit, and I realize I do need to overhaul my plantings, but I need guidance  Who wants to gather on my humble bandaid strip of land and help a girl out?! I'll do all the work, I just need an aesthetic plan.
  26. Can you ID this baby?

    We definitely need MORE Sabinaria magnifica talk here on PT!  I got my baby from Floribunda last September or October.  She's popped out a leaf and a half since.
  27. Dying Mex Palms - How ?

    I go with that option too. Wilt killed off its victims in my back yard but so far, knock wood, hasn't hit the few remaining Syagrus spp on my garden lot. I've seen dying Washies here & there all over the Cape so wilt must travel via wind or insect vector. Queens in Cape Coral are universally neglected and flirting with death anyway so are harder to diagnosed. CIDPs, totally unsuitable for a FL climate anyway, are also dying of wilt.
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