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  2. First Arctic blast

      Well, the summer’s gotta end sometime even for you guys down there. You’ve been having some crazy high temperatures so far. The party’s over. Northwest Florida welcomes you to the winter.    
  3. Dypsis sp 'bejoufa' wide leaf

    Wow Bo!  Thanks for posting those pictures. I'm so happy that this garden survived the eruption. 
  4. Pure D decaryi or hybrid?

    Buy it!
  5. Beccariophoenix winter protection

    I wont use a plastic protection without air circulation for a long period. It would let humidity inside and could have fungus acitivity... Salut
  6. Today
  7. Corona ca Coconut

    A bit of fodder for the California cocos nucifera aficionados. Photo from today, no dry tips, even in a dry climate like that of Corona during the mighty Santa Ana wind season.   
  8. More photos of Doomsdave's garden

    and lastly, some non palm photos. 
  9. More photos of Doomsdave's garden

    One of Dave's 3 Beccariophoenix alfredii. This tree is absolutely massive. that is a 5 gal container next to it.  a spectacular display of color with bougainvillea and a silver chamaerops.  This jubaea hybrid kicks a**
  10. More photos of Doomsdave's garden

    i fell in love with Brahea decumbens. It looks very much like copernicia with that color and the stiff leaflets. Brahea Super Silver is behind it with more upright fronds. A fruiting acrocomia to the right.  Here's a better look at Super Silver and feast your eyes on this Brahea dulcis! wow!
  11. More photos of Doomsdave's garden

    Once out of the parajubaea forest, you are greeted by this beast of a palm.  and another But wait, there's more! This one in the middle here is affectionately called Butch.
  12. I spent the afternoon with Dave over in La Habra for a little PRA. Here are some photos of his spectacular plants. The sky was a bit overcast which made good lighting for pictures. Hope you enjoy!  Let's begin with a walk through the parajubaea forest. One is TvT, the frond with the silver underside belongs to sunkha. Lots of goodies planted underneath, including B. condapanna. 
  13. You might be able to torture an Acrocomia totai in the 9a section of NC for a few years. 
  14. Manjekia maturbongsii!!

  15. Here are a few somewhat up-to-date photos from my old garden. These were taken on May 16, 2018. I planted 24 Dypsis sp. bejofa (or whatever we want to call them!  ) in this grouping back in August 2001. At the time they were all in 5G pots, and 3-4 ft tall, or so. (Sorry about the fallen fronds here and there. The volcano began erupting a couple of weeks before I took these photos, and let's just say that priorities were elsewhere at the time. Two active fissures, #11 and #12, were going full blast and they were less than a quarter mile away from the garden.)
  16. The temperatures you quoted are near the lowest these palms can be guaranteed to survive unprotected, but not thrive if they average the temps in these zones.  Many can survive being wrapped without heat in the winter to half a zone colder or more.  Some better if you keep the crown dry.  I also used a brick wall and dryer vent to keep my palms warm when I lived in SE VA.
  17. First Arctic blast

    Some amazing cold in Texas and Mexico. Keep in mind Brownsville is more or less 10a and McAllen and Harlingen are 9b/10a, this could well be the coldest reading of the season (in mid NOVEMBER!). Sub 40 degree temperatures are expected to creep into lowland Tamaulipas as far south as 22-23*N. Tampico (22*N) recorded an afternoon high of 52F today and Veracruz (19*N) is forecast for a high in the mid 60s tomorrow. 
  18. Butia x Parajubaea Cocoides

    It looks like a dream home, TropicDoc.  I love the pictures, so please don't hesitate to show more.  Your place has come a long way in little time.  What a huge undertaking! 
  19. Free Chamaerops 'glauca' seeds

    Pm sent Konstantinos. Thanks for offering these seeds. 
  20. Yeah, it isn't perfect but no tree is. I think I read they lose their leaves in the spring so they should be able to provide good winter protection. 
  21. ID some babies for me?

    That’s what I kinda think 
  22. Beccariophoenix winter protection

    I think unless you’re dipping into the upper 20s you should be fine?
  23. This is got to be one of the rarest Hawaiian Pritchardia, at least from known specimens in habitat. Have posted this before. Was blessed with a rare beautiful crystal clear North Shore day. Went for a long run round trip to check on this guy close to the top. Lots of seed, literally hundreds. but still green and pea sized . Last time I went up there were none  Only a few half eaten ones on the ground, due to rats  Has a cool round spherical group of  leaflets.  Right above the trail.  The only one in the area. A big fire behind it years ago, and some how it was spared. This guy needs to be in peoples gardens before another fire or hurricane wipes out the species.  aloha
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