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  2. Senescence in Dypsis lutescens

    Wow, it looks like it's dying.  No, it's still prurdy, real prurdy. 
  3. Rare Palm Seeds - RPS

    Unfortunately, you never know what kind of quality you get (new or not new). I just received a package with three different species. Two species were already germinated 100%, the third species 100% floaters. Sometimes they still sink after 24 hours, but that shows it is a bit of a gamble... And BTW, other than PalmTalkers with mature and fruiting garden palms whose seeds they are willing to ship across the world, what are the alternatives?
  4. Kim not sure where the first pond photo is from but the second one is from Miami.  Yeah I have a problem with dreaming to big and then reality set in and I have to scale back for my little backyard and climate . LOL!  I believe all the other photos are from HI. 
  5. Wow, PalmCrazy, that is fab-loso! But I feel quite sure my petite budget will not produce such spectacular results. Tremendous fantasy, though, and I like pushing the boundaries of thought this way.  Thank you!  That would be in Thailand?
  6. That's possibly because it was getting no sun in its planted location.
  7. Trithrinax acanthacoma in bloom

    Okay yuk yuk yuk
  8. Starting Over in St Pete

    Very cool! I work in St. Pete! :)
  9. Coconuts In The Desert?

    You are on the money about this area. The beauty,  weather, food and people brought us here. Town is full of people that came for a week or weekend and never left. 
  10. You could also do a water feature in place of the palm? That would take some planning and money, maybe a small one. 
  11. What a great oppurtunity to add something special to really liven up the area. Right now to me the garden is too harmonious, to much of the same… jazz it up with a big silver leaf palm and add punches of color to set off the silver… since photo are better than words here is some suggestion.  Big silver palm with some red ti plants and in front of the ti plants some orange punches of color…see photos below for examples… The skies the limit so have some fun and make this into a real show stopper! No matter what you do I am sure it will be awesome! 
  12. Thanks! Fusarium sp. canariensis or sp. palmarum?  I have not see any references indicating that either infects butia capitata? I was hoping this would be more of a rachis blight similar to what is described here  
  13. How are your Pandanus's

    Pic here looks very much like  Pandanus , unsure what sp. but poor think has been struggling   
  14. That's for sure, but the forecast for rain looks good this week!
  15. Late Spring Jungle Pictures in the Cape

    And it's hot hot if we could just get the rains..
  16. Thank you Garrett, yeah I am almost done with mulching again, need some more.
  17. Senescence in Dypsis lutescens

    Dang whut?  
  18. Last trip in Nosy Be - Madagascar

    Love these!
  19. Last trip in Nosy Be - Madagascar

    Absolutely stunning photos. Thanks for sharing!
  20. Late Spring Jungle Pictures in the Cape

    Looking good.  I need to mulch.  Ugh!
  21. Last trip in Nosy Be - Madagascar

    Wow. How many meters tall? Colored new leaves? Can you see? Do you really care? (Do I really care?)  
  22. Last trip in Nosy Be - Madagascar

    I just love these habitat pictures. Thank you so much Oliver for sharing these with our group!
  23. Last trip in Nosy Be - Madagascar

    yike Looks almost like my Roystoneas For just a minute
  24. Lol, I play the guitar so that would work!
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