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  2. BTW heading to bed now but was waiting for an update on the police pursuit. Just saw a comment that the regular feed is back again on the scanner "for the rest of the night" so the thought is that they got him. Let's hope so. I know one person 30 minutes ago said he was leaving to go to work and turned back and told to go home that the road was closed. Another person 20 minutes ago posted that they heard multiple cars with sirens blasting heading up from a certain area. Said it looked like every cop on the island was responding. ---- And one last item for tonight, a post from Dane DuPont with aerial images from Scott Wilson's flyover tonight. (photos -- ) There are some closeups of the Nohea area.  
  3. What is it?

    Looks most  like Astrocaryum sciophilum
  4. Speaking of live cams to be set up, Harry Durgin's go-fund-me campaign to help raise funds for one he has planned is now complete. ----  Harry's also been working on analyzing the thermal camera temperatures over on the plates at Hwy 130. Posted about his project earlier on here. He made another post tonight when he noticed the the plates on 130 got pretty hot today for awhile. He posted a video of it linked to below and he had asked people their thoughts on it. Here's several replies he received. Video of plate temperature: I kind of like Patty Jones' comment. We know there are lava tube/s running below Hwy 130 there and wonder if the increase tracks to when the lava leaves the summit and surges or pulses down to F8.  
  5. What is it?

    Its  not salacca sp I have those already totally different leaves at juvenile  stage
  6. Jason Twillman posted this video an hour ago down at the channel near his property. Says he can hear the flow going pretty fast. He also said that he is working with a media company to install a 60ft high live feed camera of F8 from where he's at that will be on 24/7 and also working with the media company and USGS to set one up further down the channel in Kapoho area. Jason has been very concerned about all of his neighbors still on farms in the area and any major outbreak that could happen at any time of day or night, like the one that happened around Cinderland. Great news. Give a listen to his video for details and a view of the future location. ( )      
  7. Mick Kalber's video for Thursday, 7/19, uploaded 3 hours ago. Video from F8 and down to coast. It's dusk so images at LE are fairly dark for identifying properties.  
  8. Peak of summer!

    Interesting you mention this. Just saw a tweet put out by the Lubbock NWS regarding likely breaking a 100yr old  overnight low. Old low was 79F. Looks like they only dropped to 81F this morning. I hope you and everyone else out there are staying hydrated and staying out of the worst of it as much as possible.. As bad as 110F+ is here, i can't imagine 110F + a 45-60+deg Dew Point..   Been watching the forecasts regarding this heat event closely since we're next. May surpass the 115F mark ( ....and set records) by Monday -Wed across PHX.  CA comes into play by Tuesday.. S. Cal gets hot, but maybe not quite as hot as the last heatwave.. Have been seeing 115-118F readings on several GFS runs across the Central Valley however. While that particular model likes to run either too hot or too cool in regards to forecast 2m Temps, when a dome of hot air with heights exceeding the 597-601dm threshold is forecast to sit over head / close by, extreme heat at the surface is pretty much guaranteed.      
  9. Ikaika evening post on the water from an hour ago ( )    ---- There's a talk going on at the HUB with a special guest. Live feed is over now and here's the regular link.  ( )   
  10. Gabe posted an hour ago that he was pretty sure he was watching a surge coming from F8, the most he's ever seen, and had been going on for about 10 minutes at that point. Posted later that it lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. Said there have been very strong pulses afterwards. Cindy Whn posted this from PGV cam at one point: Here's the PGV cam now: About 20 minutes ago another fb person said they just felt an earthquake in Opihikao. I'm sure Gabe will have video for us later when he gets a chance to upload to YT. Of course the main concern here is overflows all along the channel and down by Pohoiki later.
  11. More random palms for sale in Costa Mesa

    I have the Fenestralis left. $30. Local pick up. Thanks!
  12. HCPD are in pursuit of the suspect right now according to this post from Ryan Finlay. Let's hope he and any accomplice/s are found and no more injuries to our force. BTW lots of silence (likely on a secure channel) but did just hear about some perimeter on Hwy 11 I think they said (around 10:35pm PDT or 7:35pm HST). Gave streets but I'm unfamilar with them. Hope everyone remains safe from this guy including any residents in the area. For him to drive into oncoming traffic at 80mph yesterday to avoid capture you know he's desperate to avoid capture.  
  13. Cycad cones and flushes

    are the leaves gonna be full size?
  14. Cycad cones and flushes

    that's rad!!! love the curly leaves
  15. When to pot up seedlings?

    Your profile shows your real name (at least if you put in the correct information). Same experience here, the bigger the pot, the more roots can be developed, the faster the palm grows. Date palms typically develop lots of roots and pots become too small fast. However, especially date palms do not mind cutting those roots back later on.
  16. Encephalartos Manikensis & Bubalinus

    awesome flush!!! that is one happy plant
  17. Smart Irrigation Controllers

    Actually by setting the root depth and allowed depletion you can keep young palms in California plenty moist. The last Rachio update removed the gallons used. 
  18. Cycad cones and flushes

  19. Smart Irrigation Controllers

    Just be careful to add plenty of water your newly planted palms in addition to what these timers put out. The smart timers are great for mature planting areas, but they will kill your newly planted palms. Don't know how useful they are in So Cal since it pretty much never rains here. Just setting a regular timer to deep water your mature garden 3 times a week should suffice. 
  20. Help needed for CIDP

    Hope that fence has a cement wall behind it.      
  21. Florida SE Rainy Season 2018

    After 3" additional this week, I'm closing in on 30" of rain since May 1 south Orlando. Soil temp is 86, avg air temp 93/75, and dewpoints hanging around 77. While the plants are in hulk mode, so are the mosquitos!
  22. Help needed for CIDP

    Good point. Could be a massive fence post though. 
  23. Peak of summer!

    Looks like we'll have a 4-5 day stretch of records fall in the metroplex.  Still 100f at 945 out in the suburbs that cool down much faster than the city core.  Im sure it'll stay over 100 in the dallas and ft worth city centers until midnight for the next 4 days. I dont know what the record high low temps are but those will certainly be broken as well. Low this morning was 83 in the suburbs.  
  24. Making some big fallaensis

    Don't really know. I've never had them that big. Normally we can get Baileyana up to about 10 foot in those pots in a year. I think these might be faster. I guess we'll find out. I will definitely post them again.

    wow!!! and more wow!!!!!!!!!!
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