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  3. What was your lowest temperature this winter?

    This.  My low was 23F in December, and likewise 33F is my low so far in 2019. No snow so far and I doubt we'll actually get any. Fingers crossed. 
  4. Weevil insecticide

    Thanks fellas, I ended up getting a product called CONGUARD which contains a chemical called IMIDACLOPRID.  I'll give it a try and see what happens. Daryl, Interesting you mentioned FIPRONIL. I've used it around my house for termites and ants and it's deadly stuff.  I have not seen an ant or termite in the 4 years since I last used it.  Although in saying that, I thought it only worked on social insects (ants, bees and termites etc}   But if it works on weevils that's even better because I have a fresh unopened bottle of TERMIDOR sitting in the garage.    
  5. Exotic gardening at 51N

    Yeah, I'm thinking it may be a Chamaerops, as that is what I initially thought it was a few years back after I brought it from a garage sale. But I have quite a few Chamaerops now and this particular palm grows 3-4 x as fast as my next fastest growing Chamaerops and looks quite different. So it has confused me for a while. 
  6. What was your lowest temperature this winter?

    GFS just ran a couple hours ago and looks pretty bad. Maybe closer to 35? A lot can change in the coming days
  7. Exotic gardening at 51N

    If you didn't think it was a Sabal, what would you personally say it is? Chamaerops Humilis?  I rescued this from a garage sale about 5 years ago. It was going very cheap and had no label, and it was my first palm. As it has aged, I couldn't be sure whether it was a Chamaerops or Sabal? I used to think it was Chamaerops, but then changed my opinion to Sabal. Any ideas?  The Nova is pretty quick growing and trunks very quickly. Only the Washingtonia's are faster growing than the Nova in my yard. 
  8. Dypsis lafazamanga

    Just got back from a tour of Jerry’s yard and took a photo of this Lafazanga growing out in full sun. This is not the one Jerry started this thread with. I forgot to look for that one as I was on palm overload!  Thanks to Jerry and Cindy for having us today, what an incredible and inspiring garden! 
  9. What was your lowest temperature this winter?

    Yes, there is some nice microclimate in those areas. Mostly 8b/9a and few 9a buy the water. They tend to have warmer mild winter and cooler summer and much less rain so a lot of gardens are the Mediterranean types. The solid 9a are mostly along the coast like Aberdeen,  rest are on the coast with cooler summer. On the coastal area, you see large phormium and cordylines but not many if any palms trees that I am aware of. The number one palm planted here in trachycarpus fortuni, jubaea, butia. A few odds and ends in Seattle area.  To see a nice tropical palm garden I took pics of last summer look up ... excellent palm garden in pnw. And look up. pnw exotic garden 8b. That will give you an idea of some of the more mild places in WA with exotic plants. 
  10. Lepidorrhachis...Large !!

    Win or Wait Joe... All this rain was too good to pass up! Your looks great too Joe!
  11. Adonidia merrillii issues

    I agree with Walt. The low of 28F permanently damaged your Adonidia double and it will likely keep declining, i.e., penciling, until it collapses and dies. They are cheap and plentiful so i suggest you replace them come spring.
  12. Exotic gardening at 51N

    Beautiful selection of cold hardy palms! I agree with Ben: 1st selection is not a Sabal.
  13. Weevil insecticide

    Traveled with David Tanswell and Phillip Arrowsmith for a few weeks around Colombia in June. I never knew how brutal that cane weevil was until talking to them. They were going over all the pest you guys have over their to contend with. Not easy.
  14. What was your lowest temperature this winter?

    Looks like we've got a 37F night coming in the forecast, subject to change with/without notice.  I knew I should have kept my fingers off the keyboard.
  15. We had 3 nights at or below freezing with the ultimate low of around 29F/30F.  I would expect that to be the coldest for the season as there is no frost in the forecast and we usually don't dip below freezing in February.
  16. What was your lowest temperature this winter?

    I'm curious, does anything interesting grow on the Kitsap Peninsula? I understand some of that area is 9a.
  17. Exotic gardening at 51N

    The first picture is not a Sabal.  Chamaerops? 
  18. Whats your rarest palm?

    Trachycarpus takil.... Much prettier than Trachycarpus fortunei, hopefully it’s just as hardy (or hardier) as I’ve seen mixed reviews.
  19. Zamia lindenii

    This has sold.   Chuck G>
  20. Dioon Spinulosa

    This has sold.   Chuck G.
  21. What was your lowest temperature this winter?

    Lowest winter temp. so far has been 33F one night in December. A low of 30F predicted for next Sunday night.
  22. Weevil insecticide

    Steve, are you referring to Sugar Cane Weevil? If so, the current recommended treatment is Fipronil You could also try anything that contains chlorpyrifos, but it is nasty stuff and you may not be able to get it anymore (it is effective though) Daryl  
  23. Anyone know or have seen any welwitschia mirabilis for sale?  I’ve been looking for a while and have had no such luck.  I’m interested in more of a well started/“bigger” plant (I know they grow slow).  Thanks!!
  24. Adonidia merrillii issues

    Looks like it is flowering already.  Very nice!  I have 8 seeds that just sprouted, but those will likely head to the nursery or to an auction.  How long did it take for yours to reach that size?
  25. Adonidia merrillii issues

    The skinny crown shaft was my biggest concern Walt. It just doesnt look normal to me. On the other side of my pool is another and it is rocking. Much thicker crown shaft, full crown, and growing seeds. Now that I think of it, the healthy one is located next to my coconut that had the boron issue. So I now doubt boron as the issue. 
  26. Exotic gardening at 51N

    Great collection, is that how Sabal's grow that far north? It just looks different then what I'm used to. but know palms can look different in different climates. How's the growth rate on the T. Nova? Been thinking of adding that one you my collection.   
  27. Rhapis root prune?

    Thanks for the advice. It has quite a bit of secondary roots remaining and I applied some root hormone on the open wound so I’m hoping it’ll be fine.
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