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  2. The African Oil palm would fit that catergory. I know some don't like them but I do. Elaeis guineensis
  3. Mine is flowering and am wondering ..
  4. I'll cheat and suggest a bi-pinnate Caryota gigas.  Both fast and huge canopy.  On the down side, it is monocarpic.  Once you have canopy, add some things which want to grow out of shade, so that ultimately when the day comes to remove the monocarpic canopy, you will have something else ready to fill it's role.
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  6. Florida Rainy Season 2017 Already been close to 3 weeks without rain. There have been appreciable chances of rain in the forecast, but they consistently disappear when the time gets closer. I can't stand when I hear people in the area saying how lovely the weather is. Bone dry cool airmass = no rain = stressed/ugly brown flora. Makes me want to move somewhere that has more consistent rainfall.  
  7. Fresh Brahea moorei seed

    Greetings Josh O, I'm interested in fresh Brahea moorei seeds. 30 seeds @ 16.00 +4.00 shipping in the USA  ($20.00 total) I have PayPal ! Zenon Wijtyk, 22 Adam Street, Hamburg, PA 19526
  8. Looking for some good choices to form some canopy here in coastal zone 10b and am open to ideas. Obviously cocos nucifera would be a good choice, but am wondering what else the palm talk masses can suggest. Bonus points for palms that carry a combination of thicker/denser canopy and fast growth.     
  9. Ficus dammaropsis is sick.

    happy planting
  10. Dypsis sp. "Betefaka"

    very nice Ed
  11. also they turn purple when they are ripe
  12. Hi Kris, I  have used the Makita cordless but a smaller model than you show and found it very good for one-handed operating and a great tool for trimming green wood. That one had a bar only 8" and a standard width and pitch chain. Now I have 2 of the Stihl cordless range and find them far superior in power and battery life and faster to recharge and with 2 batteries I am never without power. These are the pole-pruner HTA85 and regular saw MSA200C with 36 Volt, 6 Ah Li-ion batteries that charge in 20 minutes. The chains and bars are a new style that is about half the width of a normal chain so therefore less wood is cut so less torque on the saw and less drain on the battery. However one needs to be aware that these chains are not as strong as normal and if one has a pinched chain you need to free it without pulling on the saw as these chains will bend on the joining links. All up, I consider these the best working tools that I have used. No fuel mixing, no starter cords, no noise, no smell or exhaust. Just add chain oil. Great for horticultural uses but if doing forestry felling all day one would still be best with a more powerful regular saw. Now I want to get the same in a hedge-trimmer and brushcutter. Jim  
  13. do they pass the float test??? try to cut some open. Don't be surprised when you cut open the seed and see the embryo on one side. It seems that's how this palm seed grows. I have a 40 yr old tree in my "Vista garden that is a flowering and seeding machine" welcome to the club Phoenikakias  
  14. Fresh Brahea moorei seed

  15. Show us your Brahea

    she is soooo blue!!
  16. Moose, where the hell have you been?!
  17. When are the fruits of Guihaia argyrata ripe?

    There you go! Male and female plants grow side by side. The green leaves belong mostly to male plant and the large silverbak leaves belong to the female one.  In the next two pictures you can observe loaded female infructescence and dried male inflorescence. But the vast majority of fruits are underdeveloped with no content except a dozen bigger ones with a considerable content. 
  18. PRA SoFlo - Who's up?

    As we get closer, this could be a possibility. It's been awhile!  
  19. Exactly! I plan on going, it will be my 9th or 10th one. I highly recommend going!!!
  20. Nice D. prestoniana. I love the one here at the nursery growing.
  21. Very nice Gene. This is one of the most looked at / talked about palms in my garden. Very exciting to watch these get bigger and bigger.
  22. FREE Dypsis plumosa seed

    Still have seeds? I'd love to try this one.
  23. Actually, buffalo might have been the vector. While we imagine them as denizens of the open plains, bison can also live in or near forests. It's also possible animals like ground sloths might have done some spreading too.
  24. Show us your Brahea

    Kris, maybe plant the B. armatas on a sandy mound? I recall some folks in England doing the same thing to get them through their rainy winters.  
  25. Absolutely stunning palm! Love the lighting.
  26. Wow careful planning, patience and providing just he right cultural requirements has created a spectacular canopy
  27. It's gorgeous, Scott.  I would love to see more of that amazing garden back there!
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