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  3. Virginia Beach Palm Trees! (2016)

    Ill have some photos to add to this thread soon.  Im in VA Beach again.  As usual most ocean front palms are badly burned from cold winds. Everything a block or more inland looks fantastic like you would find in SC.  Windmill popularity is really taking off here.  I have seen just as many of those (hundreds) if not more than Sabals, even in areas far west like Smithfield area.  There are even some sabals out there too.   Ill post some photos soon. 
  4. Dypsis onilahensis in the Evening Garden

    Bret, I'm curious as to your thoughts on the one below.  This is a "newer plant" to me, as I do have a couple of older D onilahensis which are clearly "weepy", but this one I'm not so sure about.  It isn't as droppy as the other two I have had for several years.
  5. Cycad cones and flushes

    All my potted Ceratozamias seemed to stall when I moved them a couple of years ago.  Climate isn't that different being only 3.5 miles away from my and their previous home, and I tried to select spots with similar light, as well as marking the southerly exposure on the pot so there would be no change in orientation to the sun.  This Ceratozamia didn't push any flushes since being moved in October 2014, so after 2 years I decided to put it into the ground last fall.  I have had it since it was a 1" seedling with one leaf, and the most it has ever pushed in a flush has been 3 leaves.  It's been in the ground for about 5 months now, and its now pushing an 8 leaf flush!  I guess it just was desperate to get into the ground.  At this point it looks like a multiheaded fuzzy snake.  It was labeled as a C mexicana, but flushes a deep reddish bronze, similar to my C robusta.  Perhaps its a hybrid?
  6. funny I didnt see this until now.  That palm has been there for quite a few years. Prob 10 or so.  I remember it when it was very stout.  there is a holiday inn next to that that always plants them. Some survive and one I know has been there for over a decade. Its very evident which one it is because its twice as tall as all of the rest around it. Its got a good 25 feet or so of trunk.  
  7. Cycad cones and flushes

    So how did your Encephalartos whitlockii do this last couple of months in all the rain and wind we have experienced in San Diego County?
  8. Wallichia densiflora

    Thanks, I'll check.  Yeah, not a fan of the disticha look...and densiflora supposed to be pretty hardy...
  9. Free Chamadorea radicalis seeds!

    I would appreciate some seeds if you have any. The rabbits ate my plants down to nubs which killed them. richard
  10. Jerry you win the prize.  Yes, the top did reroot successfully.  I left the trunk in place, hoping it would come back to life, but its still just a stump.  The stump is just to the left of the telephone pole.  I'm inclined to put a small aloe in the place of the stump, allowing easier access to the pole should the utility company ever want to climb it (this one only carries either cable or telephone, but not power).  At this point, I have zero expectation that the stump has any life in it.
  11. Young Needle Palm Hardiness

    I was at Brooklyn Botanic Garden (60 degrees today!) and for the first time noticed they have a very large needle palm. It appears to be a little over six feet tall; trunk looked maybe a foot tall. There was some very minor burning on a couple fronds, but overall it was very green and healthy. We've had a relatively mild winter so far this year. I think the coldest it's gotten in the city is 13 degrees. 
  12. Anyone else have plants blooming much earlier than normal this year?  I have one Phoenix Dactylifera that has bloomed already.  Usually, they don't bloom until late spring.  This particular palm started getting flower spikes in January, and have bloomed and dropped their petals already.
  13. Tough old sabals

    Got to love the resiliency and variability of Sabals.
  14. Tough old sabals

  15. Starting Some More Seeds

    Good luck with all of them!  2 of my personal favorites.
  16. I am starting some seeds, I am finally using a peat moss and perlite mix. I am going to try and germinate Sabal palmetto (old seed) and Medjool Date Palms. They are not as wet as they look, the soild is just damp, but the heat from my heat mat makes it look like there is too much water. 
  17. Tough old sabals

    Neglected, but having in there! This is why I love Sabals.
  18. Hi,  I get some seed from this ptychosperma and Im wondering if it is a microcarpum or macarthurii or maybe another sp ???? Let me know if you have any idea. Thanks.   http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=294868IMG3144.jpg http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=409793IMG3145.jpg
  19. Do Good Bismarckia Seeds Float

    Thanks for the feedback! I was hoping to hear that this is one of those rare palms where floating seeds are not a concern. So far, out of the ones that I've cleaned the flesh off of, at least 2/3 are floating after 4 days in water, which isn't the best news. Luckily I grabbed about 200 seeds!
  20. I think the most common pine trees here are Norfolk and Cook pines. I don't really know how to tell them apart though.
  21. Bret, you need to add a photo of yours to show those of us unfamiliar with this Pritchardia why you find it to be one of the more distinctive.  Is your young plant demonstrating many of the traits which attracted you to growing this particular one?  Hope you get an answer to your question and are able to later share some in habitat photos!
  22. Tough old sabals

    these are growing along the Saint Johns River between seminal and Volusia County's.
  23. Wallichia densiflora

    Phil with Jungle Music has had them on sale in his plant blog.  Most recently he posted W. Disticha, but I have seen W. Densiflora before.  Send him and email.  Top notch shipping.........Link is at the top of the page.     
  24. FREE Franken Brahea seeds

    4 days ago, I scraped with a knife this seed in two areas ( lost 3 doing this) until I saw the embryo and here's the result. I just hope it does not rot.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Wallichia densiflora

    Anyone know where I can find this palm, with shipping?  
  27. 17th Anniversary in the Garden

    Thank you! As you know a labor of love. Always looking for ways to improve! 
  28. Chamaedorea tuerckheimii in Pots

    Your tuercks go like rockets Pal! Very nice!
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