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  2. For you Dave   10G Ptychosperma Salomonense, 30G Ptychosperma Sp. (has black seed), 25G Ponapea ledermanniana and garden buddy, 25G heterospathe glauca, 15G Pinanga Sp.
  3. Justin, yes the dirt is a blessing and curse.  I have been amazed how quickly graded dirt with nothing green on it turns to waist high weeds in about 4-6 weeks.  I would be much further along if I could focus all my efforts on planting and not maintaining the ground I have reclaimed.  I will try out your cinder recommendation.  Thanks!
  4. I'm very envious of your dirt.  Then again, you probably have to be much more vigilant with weeds taking hold more easily and getting out of control.  I'll defer to others who have been on the Big Island longer than me, but I would suggest putting a layer of 1/2" to 1" of black cinder on the top of the palms you plant - one to make it easier to identify what you've planted (in 6 months you may wonder what went where, especially with more recent plantings), and two to make it harder for weeds to take root and compete with your plantings.  I started doing that after about 2 years, and it's very nice to show up after being gone for months and not have much to pull right next to my plants. Enjoy your new garden!!!
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  6. More  as we all pant  with envy 
  7. Corona ca Coconut

    Yes we did have snow as I mentioned before back in 2012 /2013ish each year corona sees freezing nights every year few times a year.
  8. Livistona endauensis

    it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it! Rare or not! Customers are uninterested in how much time you have in! 
  9. 2018 Florida Freeze

    I'm going to seriously reconsider getting some canopy going after this winter! 
  10. There typically should be some low level warming to bump temps a bit now that the storm has passed on east. The longer the clouds hold on, the less the damage.
  11. 2018 Florida Freeze

    Supposedly, that is how it goes.  At a low of 30F, I won't have to worry about frost in the back, but I may still have some on the tops of the little knolls in my front yard out in the open.  The new live oak is already showing promise, as there was no frost under it during the last cold spell.  Canopy for the win.  I'll cover my coconut palms, but everything else will be fine to at least 25F, so I can sleep easy.
  12. 2018 Florida Freeze

    Assuming there is wind, we don't have to worry about frost right? I'll protect my palms from the frost, but I think they'll fare okay without protection if frost isn't a factor.
  13. I personally grow 'Dwarf Cavendish' and 'Ice Cream' bananas.  For 'Dwarf Cavendish', it takes between a year and 16 months in my climate.  For 'Ice Cream', it will likely take another year before the clump I have is strong enough to produce bananas.  I'll echo @Silas_Sancona and @Tracy; Central America ought to be heaven for growing bananas.
  14. 2018 Florida Freeze

    Looking at 2 nights in the 30's here.  There will be a pretty stiff wind from the looks of it.  I'm shielded from the north wind over most of my property, so at least that much should be mitigated.
  15. Hard times coming on the Northern Gulf Coast

    More room for “anything but” coconuts... Seriously, there will probably be almost 3,000 palm species by the time taxonomists finish with the Neotropics, Malesia and Malagasy. I like cocos as much as the next bloke, but they do seem to make their presence felt here from marginal locations (and I’m being generous) just a bit much.
  16. Hard times coming on the Northern Gulf Coast

    More room for california and european coconuts!!!!
  17. Hard times coming on the Northern Gulf Coast

    Sole upside would be less forum saturation of threads on SE Texas coconuts?
  18. Hard times coming on the Northern Gulf Coast

    This is getting Serious for you all.... lots foliage set back for sure. Hopefully, your tender palms/plants will recover.  This map is from 6:45 my time. Hate to look in the morning.   
  19. butia yatay not yatay??

    Thank you   Richard
  20. Livistona endauensis

    Well said...... Jeff
  21. Travel Serendipity in South Florida

    Hi Cindy,   Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of Wade's garden. So nice to hear your in town, hope to see you at TPIE. Jeff
  22. 2018 Florida Freeze

    The nw winds have disappeared now
  23. Pritchardia viscosa

    It is correctly named.  Perhaps I sold it for too little money but a good faith deal is inviolable. 
  24. Tall Ravenea rivularis

    Good soil, mucho agua, buena palma . . . .
  25. Bad news for Brownsville

    Thanks, this will weed out some of the wanna be’s from stuff that can cut the mustard here in the brutal northwest gulf. Predicted loser, Ravenea rivularis, hopeful winner B. alfredii. 
  26. Coccothrinax argentata

    Encouraging find with this species. Left a few very small  2 to 3 leaf seedlings in Dixie cups out in multiple nights of freezing temperatures with a ultimate low of 22-23 and another couple nights in the upper twenties. Still look the same with zero freeze damage. Will update if they suddenly croak but so far they seem to not have been affected. 
  27. 2018 Florida Freeze

    I'm seeing a forecast for 30f with winds from the North at 10-15mph. That won't afford us any protection from the gulf. :/
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