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  2. I know from unfortunate empirical experience, that if the trunk and meristem freezes on a coconut palm -- it won't make any difference if the roots don't freeze-- the palm will be killed. In fact, the roots won't freeze as the soil temperatures in my zone 9b never approach freezing, at least not once below 1" (roughly 2.5 cm) in depth.  
  3. Thank you guys for the feed back and your thoughts. I’m goong to pass this info onto my husband and we will see how it goes.   thank you again! 
  4. Show Us Your Bromeliads!

    Here are a few more...  
  5. Btw, there are reason for against trimming the remaining fronds.  I vote against trimming, due to the time of year amongst other reasons.  Others will argue this point.
  6. Not intended to make you feel bad, but your professional didn't do you any favors.  The limited amount of roots is pretty much a death sentence. I would be wary of using this person in the future.  Also, I would shy away from transplanting in the Fall.  Spring is much better for palms.
  7. I have 20 palm seeds . I got them last March. They still have not germinated. I put them in plastic bag with perlite and potting soil. When I first got them I soaked them for two days.  I threw out the ones that flooded to the top of the water.  I took off the outer casings. I added water to the baggy every once and a while. Are my seeds any good?  Should I start over?  Can anyone help? Thanks Should I nick them?  Someone suggested that.   
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  9. Jack and Matty! Obscenities have been duly screamed . . . . The seeds look exactly like those cherry penny gumballs I used to like when I was a kid, same size, everything.
  10. Chamaedorea radicalis

    I have a lot of 1gallon liners and a few 5gallon male plants that I would sell. Pm me if interested. 
  11. But getting back to your question, here the farer you are from Puget Sound the cooler it can get at night.  Especially in my area, winter nights can sometime be 15-18 degrees colder 5 miles inland.  
  12. Dypsis sp. "Betefaka"

    Ed, does this look like your palm? Planted small in January 2013. Orange, 5-gal bucket for scale. Purchased from a fellow collector here on the Big Island. He got them as D. hovomantsina, but indicated that he didn't believe the name.
  13. West, southwest and south Nepal. Or İn north India;  ı heard that the method of burying the roots deep. However, cannot prove it.  You have stated that roots deepening is wrong. It may be logical; What is your reference? I want to draw attention to another point:  PalmatierMeg :  ^I don't know where you live but repeated cold fronts below 40F will kill a coconut. Coconuts will not photosynthesize below 50F and will die during long periods of cool weather^ You expressed in the form of... There are colder places and many examples; 38 °F / 32 °F / 30 °F even 28-27 °F as. (Toros giant row of mountains; like himalaya mountains) İn the mediterranean region Toros mountains is parallel to the sea; They block airflow from the north. I live in Turkey. There is a mysterious mikroklima in the south... Even if you are close to the equator, there are some cool conditions in the world. Even if you are away from the equator, There are such microclimate zones in Turkey. Because the plains are too much; Can not block the north winds, and florida sees occasional frost and snowfall; Even Miami... I do not know if there has ever been coconut palms in Turkey; I want to give a chance to the coconut palms. Even if, it is a waste...
  14. Is my Newly transplanted Canary palm dying/dead?

    A little late for that,  but might as well. The entire crown will collapse, spear pull and start to rot in 60 days. A real shame because that was a very nice looking palm. 
  15. So don’t trim the fronds? 
  16. Encephalartos arenarius (green form)

    If i was there I'd grab it. Has it coned yet?
  17. Is my Newly transplanted Canary palm dying/dead?

    Thats stress and a cidp any smaller than that would surely be dead. IMO if that one lives it will be a miracle. Cidp do not transplant well unless root pruned. 
  18. Here we have warm rain and air that come from the South Pacific Ocean, there called pineapple express.  Right now at 2:20 pm 65F/18.3C with a low of 59F/15C. Will cool down to normal after Turkey Day. 
  19. RPW loves Raveneas!!!  You must not spray the crown, you must soak-shower the crown everytimes. The bugs are inside the crown and you need lots of insecticide to arrive inside the holes.  May be in a palm like yours, 3-4 litres.  In Summer fungal infection is not a problem for you, your place is windy and dry. From March to November the best is spray every months. Now you must soak with insecticide (clorpirifos or imidacloprid ) the holes and may be, mixed with fungicide( metil tiofanato). Your palm is small and may be is too late to save it and now is the worst moment. Before Winter, cold and rain are not good friends in this situation. Good luck!!!
  20. One of mine pushed out its first flower this year. I'm kind of surprised, as it's not a very large plant yet...
  21. VA beach naturalized sabal palmetto

    while exploring around VA beach i found a sabal palmetto no doubt dropped from a birds doppings as it is away from the beachfront where most palmettos are planted.  it was there in 2011 as well.,-75.9854469,3a,16.5y,252.27h,80.02t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sBQfFJGqgLgIL4P60r1uaBg!2e0!5s20160201T000000!7i13312!8i6656
  22. Update - our planter came out and said the tree is in Shock and that the fronds need to be trimmed back to release the additional stress on the palm.  I’m at a loss and guess time will tell.   thabk you everyone for your help and guidance!! 
  23. while washingtonia robusta and filibusta are semi common, it seems any kind of date palms are more rare especially older trunked ones, no doubt because of the winters and slow recovery rate.  they are as common as the filfera which ive come across rarley on the carolina shore some 20-30.     more southernly here are 2  2 lage mejdool date palms,-78.4519418,3a,75y,155.96h,99.86t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQG6fihCRtkN3AXPn6OzXAw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 more mejdools,-78.4487521,3a,75y,165.64h,93.79t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7B-esHZ5omDMWbkNqKPXyg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 canaries.,-78.4255983,3a,75y,152.98h,87.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szUQMrUSi3EAU1urnN0hM4g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 heres one more northern sylvester date palm carolina beach,-77.8941262,3a,21.8y,246.77h,92.19t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svc7efadtwvxiEkZZbzS03w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  24. When are the fruits of Guihaia argyrata ripe?

    They sunk like bullets! 
  25. Is this Dypsis Lanceolata?

    By the way, this house also has multiple triangle palms, a foxtail, huge fishtail palm, and a bottle palm which I believe has been in the ground for well over a year. Really neat place.
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