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  2. Some screen grabs from earlier from tonight from the Civil Beat camera after they switched on the auto setting. You can hear Jack (the owner) talking to Anthony about the settings and adjusting the zoom.  They were playing with the setting for a bit over the phone. Really appreciate Jack and Anthony working to get us a night view.
  3. They moved the Civil Beat camera and zoomed to F8 for the night view tonight. Here's the link for the feed right now:     
  4.  don't worry, i am not offended. This is a open forum and members are free to explain what is in its minds. I don't know the French laws, but in Spain, obtain the official permision to buy insecticides is very easy. An aficionado with palms who wants to do his own treatments, can do the course to have the permission. In 16 hours is done and paying a small tax. I think this is a good thing because the aficionado can learn how to use this quemicals.
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  6. Fuego Erupts in Guatemala

    Well that's excellent news! Stay safe. How far is it for you to go to work now with the bridges and roads and towns what they are? I remember from the beach house you had quite a drive but thinking closer to the volcano might not be any better. Interesting how Guatamala handles the displacement subsidy.
  7. Climate of the United States

    In North Carolina our native populations of sabal minors got damaged from this past winter. I wonder how they did up in Maryland. 
  8. Climate of the United States

      Technically that strip would classify as subtropical steppe, almost bordering a true tropical climate. I should've extended the Subtropical Steppe into that region.   
  9. Climate of the United States

    I used The only problem with the county version is that almost all climatic regions and biomes cross over counties. For instance, I only consider the coastal regions of South Florida to be considered tropical broadleaf. The interior of South Florida would be considered subtropical coniferous and is much more similar to the Carolinas than to the Bahamas. Otherwise I could not make these distinctions on the county version. 
  10. Climate of the United States

    Thank you. I am not too familiar with too much with Texas but I am planing on making a new map in the future to fix up the Rio Grande Valley. 
  11. Climate of the United States

    Thank you so much! 
  12. Two sabal palmettos (presumably from Florida) planted at the same exact time. One made it through the past winter and is flourishing, while the other one was fried.    Chocowinity, North Carolina 06/21/18
  13. Already to send you on an all inclusive couple of weeks holiday to Samoa!!! Unfortunately the endocarp is quite different from B. seemannii (so is the fruit), I did however get B. seemannii and microcarpa so you can go away anyway. LOL The endocarp on these is more or less round to slightly ovoidal, no ridges, angles beaks. I stripped one down, pulled off all the fibres. Think mango shape (not Thai mango) you know the big fat roundish ones, can't think of  a word that describes that. I've planted them already and they're so small I decided to allow them to be completely covered, so no photo, fingers crossed until they hatch! I had no idea some palms had such tiny seeds. I got a Dypsis fruit the size of a grain of rice. It could still be a Balaka, though. Maybe they don't all have weird endocarps. From Hodel they "often" have weird endocarps, also not nearly so skinny trunked but fairly's also from Hodel et al that I recognise the endocarp of what I also have as B.seemannii, also a very attractive thing. So well done! I would never have got there. These have the same leaflets and are even more attractive palm (subjective of course), not so dusty lol if you know what I mean, maybe less hairy in parts if my memory serves me well. Could be Ptychosperma......
  14. Gotta love Dypsis carlsmithi

    Aloha Tracy, a few photos for you. Let's just say the lighting is courtesy of 'divine intervention' or just great timing. ( I would say it's the later) I'd say they will be thrunking in a year or so. Planted from 2" cones back in 2008......been growing for awhile now.  Tim
  15. Sabinaria magnifica

    They seem to be quite a robust species. We had a little bit of cold this past year, didn't seem to faze them a bit.
  16. Trachycarpus in Lakeland

    At least 15-20 large trunked trachys planted along the renovated I-4 interchange at Kirkman Rd in Orlando. Interesting choice as they are not common around the area. They look good. 
  17. How Bout a 'Color' thread?

    A very slow growing Dypsis onilahensis solitary.  I'm guessing I've had it about 8 years, and while it has rings, they are tightly spaced.  Like the contrast of the white trunk and that chocolate colored lower rachis.
  18. Some Local Pritchardias

    Palm Society of So Cal toured Mark Reidler's Encinitas (Olivenhain) garden back in March 2013, same day as Bagley's garden.  If you attended then you have seen both of his gardens.
  19. Gotta love Dypsis carlsmithi

    Yes and a beautiful chunky trunk showing behind that inflorescence!
  20. Carpoxylon

    Thanks for replies, Ive had my  3  gallon ones in part sun shade for the last 6  months, Thai sun can be blisteringly hot, Ill have to give it some thought or shade  cloth for another 6  months maybe
  21. Beaucarnea Stricta

    is it still available?  Do u ship to miami?
  22. Areca catechu dwarf seed

    any more seeds left to sell? Thanks, Drew
  23. Cindy, good talking to you in Colombia. You have had one heck of a year or so. I got lucky and missed the bug going around while in Colombia. Many, like you, were not so fortunate. 
  24. Looks like a Balaka seemannii from the photos. Can you post a photo of one cleaned? They must have planted a few together, or its a Ptychosperma  i would bet a couple bucks on B. seemannii
  25. Sick Roystonea palm

    Does not look good for your palm. It would probably be best to see what the spear does (as there is at least green in it).
  26. These fruits look quite interesting, but I cannot identify them.
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