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  2. Rhopalostylis sapida

    Bump. How are those seedlings doing off of the purple crown shafted tree? Any showing some of the same color?
  3. Garden Visitors

    A few more moths from my yard.  I've now photographed over 540 species of moths that have visited the yard. Southern Flannel Moth ♂ - Megalopyge opercularis (Megalopygidae) Black-waved Flannel Moth ♂ - Lagoa crispata (Megalopygidae) Saddleback Caterpillar Moth - Acharia stimulea (Limacodidae)  
  4. You’re right! Just yesterday I was in Brownsville within the area around the Golf Center and I found a property with a coconut tree a little taller than the height of the house, with bright, good-sized yellow coconuts on them! Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of it, it was a beautiful palm! 
  5. Sabinaria magnifica died

    Thanks so much for your input Scott! I'm still kind of stumped though because I didn't let it get any more dry than I did prior to repotting it. When I misted it, I'd always be certain to saturate the potting media. Your thoughts?
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  7. Ficus id

    Ficus auriculata has a different shape leaf which isn't as thick as my Ficus, also appears that auriulata leaves are larger.  The closest match is Ficus brandegeei, which has been lumped into Ficus petiolaris.  Some subtle differences, and the ones originally called F brandegeei were specifically from Baja CA versus the F petiolaris name encompasses both mainland Mexico F petiolaris and the Baja only brandegeei (San Marcos growers notes on the plant).  
  8. EXCELLENT IDEA!!  I could also use crinum lilies! 
  9. Cindy Adair is OK in Puerto Rico

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  10. I "found" this palm in our (rather big) garden. I have only started with palms so I had no idea what I was planting when I placed it there. I guess it's a Livistona, but of course I'm not sure. Thanks for some ideas what it is. Tom
  11. When you build on a lake bed thats on topnof a three way tectonic plate intersection .. bad things are going to happen 
  12. Cindy Adair is OK in Puerto Rico

    Good to hear, praying for a quick recovery on the island for everyone.
  13. Are these plain old Agave Americana or something different? Wide blades on them.
  14. Cindy Adair is OK in Puerto Rico

    I don't know Cindy but always enjoy reading her posts, and seeing photos of her plants and garden. I am so relieved to know she is ok, and so happy to hear she is upbeat! We'll all get past the mess Irma left behind...keep the faith! 
  15. Cindy Adair is OK in Puerto Rico

    Danke  schoen.   
  16. Cindy Adair is OK in Puerto Rico

    That's great to hear thanks for the update. 
  17. Dear Fellow Palm Talkers, I received word from Cindy Adair that she survived Hurricane Maria and is doing fine in Puerto Rico. She has no electric power, internet or phone connection, but she is upbeat and asked me to convey to the PalmTalk forum that she is OK.  
  18. Missi, you have received suggestions on structures for a quick solution, but a temporary intermediate solution is quick shade providing plants.  I have used both banana and papaya plants, which grow quickly.  I don't get the intense sun you do in Florida, so I have just planted them on the west or southwest side of sun sensitive plants to give them protection from the late afternoon burn.  Obviously, you can't use this for seedlings right now, but if you do the shadecloth solutions and plant banana and papaya now, you will have an interim step when you want to rid yourself of shadecloth.  I have been amazed at how quickly both plants will grow from small starts in one year and how much protection I can get.  Either can also be dug out when the time comes relatively easily.  As I'm sure you are aware, you will likely have to control the bananas, but it's easy to nip off new starts when they are small, or dig one for transplanting to another spot if needed.
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  20. Which temp thermocube?

    I use 35/45 with great success.
  21. I've got an easy answer to this - live in the UK!
  22. Butia Archeri

    Nice seedlings. Congrats. 
  23. Any damage the first few winters? The one at Kopsick has been alive for a while now but it gets damaged every year. They grow so fast that it ends up looking pretty good again relatively quickly though.
  24. Ficus id

    Is it a Ficus auriculata ?
  25. FREE Trithrinax acanthacoma/brasiliensis seeds

    Howdy Dave Update picture of Thrinaxs'. Zenon
  26. Free Chamadorea radicalis seeds!

    Good Day Dave, I've been watching one of mine that I got from you. Strange growing type compared to the others. Now I understand why. Thanks for the important information. This is a keeper! It's only 67cm. compared to the one next to it being 139 cm. Zenon    
  27. Butia Archeri

    now you finally got archeri to germinate, spend next few years wondering if they are genuine archeri, All mine that i did actually get to germinate, from several sources  have been some kind of slow growing butia that is not archeri.. I hope you have better luck than me with Butia Archeri  
  28. Count your Blessings

    Oh, yes, do try to avoid Fun SurgeryTM. Especially on the back. Too much fun.
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