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La Nina Autumn 2020


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La Nina patterns or cooler equatorial sea surface temps from the Central Pacific through to the Easter Tropical Pacific are occurring right now.  These patterns often lead to dry and clear Autumn and Winter weather patterns here in Southern California where I live.  The west coast just experienced a typical La Nina weather pattern last weekend with an inside slider storm coming down the coast with strong winds and leaving us now with cool dry nights and no marine layer.  I hope that this isn't a sign of what is to come as we get deeper into Autumn and enter Winter.  With clear skies, I bottomed out at 39 degrees last night, and even the weather station at Moonlight Beach right on the ocean was reading 43 degrees this morning at first glow. 

The leaves on my banana plants got pretty beat up, and the Encephalartos laurentiaunus below which is flushing had some leaflets ripped off in the strong winds.  Everything below the wall was protected, while everything above the wall felt the full force of the wind.

So how are you and your garden doing this during this La Nina Autumn?



33.0782 North -117.305 West  at 72 feet elevation

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Warmer than usual and pretty dry, outside of Hurricane / Tropical Storm ETA crashing into my area here in the Tampa Bay area.  The winter outlook here is for warmer than usual temps.   Winter is dry season here and we usually only get rains from cold fronts that come through.   The first real cooling cold front came through yesterday and we will be slightly below average (75-77) for a couple days and upper 50's at night.    Looks to be a nice winter ahead down here in zone 10A. 

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