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    •  »  Alberto

      Alberto this is the Brian that was along with the IPS biennial.  I just checked out Carambei.  It reminds me of Holland and Zeeland Michigan.  We got a pulse of immigrants that were strict Dutch Reformed and thought that the established church in Holland was getting too liberal.  They live on the west side of Michigan on or near Lake Michigan.  
      Some Sabals you should check out are the S. "Brazoria" an ancient hybrid of S. Palmetto and S. minor.  So apparently S. palmetto once grew in Texas before the ice age.  Now they end in the panhandle of Florida but are planted using 3-5M trunks brought in from Florida and are ubiquitous. S. texana is a good one, bigger than palmetto more like a Sabal version of W. filifera.  
      Laccospadix and Linospadix "Mountain Form" may grow as they do here.  Howeas? Or too frosty? I have seeds.  I have seed of a complex Chamaedorea hybrid.  "Irving Cantor" x C. radicalis.  Tall but single trunked.  I should back breed it to Irving Cantor which is C. potchulensis x gramminiforlia and has hybrid vigour.  I have a huge clump but alas it is male. I also have a male potchulensis and the only female Chamaedoreas I have seem to be radicalis.  I also have costaricana, hooperii and some seedlings of this and that.  Braheas should grow well for you.  I have edulis, brandegei, aculeata, dulcis, Super Silver and a few seedlings of this and that.  I have a huge seeding Sabal palmetto ssp. parviflora (Western Cuba) that is cast iron hardy.  Rhapis do well here and I have humilis, excelsa and multifida.  All Phoenixes grow well here.  I like P. reclinata, rupicola & robelenii the best.  Canariensis is too common and too big.  I grow a number of hardy Archontophoenix cunninghamianas.  Inge Hoffmann collected the seed back in the 1970s in the southern most known grove in Australia.  She had temperatures of -5C in 1989 and it was not harmed.  I collected seeds a year ago and now have a dozen seedlings.  If you want seed of this I'll collect some specifically for you.  Arenga engleri does great here as do all the Ceroxylons and Parajubeas.  My big P. coccoides died from fungus but I still have P. torallyii.  My little coccoides suddenly died too for unknown reasons.  I should get another somewhere.  Perhaps when we get a hot "Diablo" wind they hate the 40C temperatures that last only 1-3 days.  I gave up on cloud forest plants for that same reason, they all died.  I get almost no frost, no freezing temperatures since 1989 and that was -2.  I have a small S. Sancona and S. romanzoffianum "Abre Ojos" which I think is a polyploid.  It gets huge, twice as big it seems and is super fast.  They once thought it to be a sancona hybrid but there were no sanconas in Mexico as far as we know to pollinate it.  It was found in a gas station parking lot with a truck tire around it getting only melted ice from the fisherman's melting ice that they'd dump there.  
      I hope you had a good time in Columbia.  I did and I stayed an extra week to wander around.  The people were so nice and kind.  I did some church time.  I grew up Catholic but am not so religious but go into churches during the day to meditate and pray as well as see the architecture and statues.  Churches are a refuge in this busy, noisy world and a little God time is always good.  I'm not so good on organized religion as I'm too independent minded but I have faith.  
      · 0 replies
    • sgvcns

      3 weeks and back to Sarawak.
      My 18yo son will be so lucky to see Licuala yiiana weather permitting.
      3 day hike in the "most leech infested forest he had been to" as someone who has trudged the hill  told me.
      Pure bliss.
      Pity he won't help me up the love hill.
      Choices he says
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    • gyuseppe

      looking for pollen of phoenix canariensis
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    • Moose  »  David Clulow

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    • Moose  »  mnorell

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