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Leelanau Palms

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This is a repost of information I originally included on a for sale thread earlier in February.
I purchased 3 Sabal minors from @teddytn last week.  He added a bonus Sabal louisiana for no extra charge (thank you). I am very pleased.  Ordering and communication was good. The price of the palms and shipping was excellent (better)--make sure to include @teddytn in your sabal shopping because of it (PM me if more info desired). The size, maturity, roots, and condition of the sabals were superior, especially for the price. The sabals arrived in good condition despite the winter weather.  Here are the pics: 

Arrival packaging and condition




Unpackaged and ready to plant (note roots)



Potted up in their new homes


I will update with any significant issues. Thank you,  @teddytn

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Zone 6b maritime climate

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You betcha! Nothing left to the imagination

Zone 6b maritime climate

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@teddytn is a great guy and I have been to his place and swapped some plants.  

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YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@tntropics - 60+ In-ground 7A palms - (Sabal) minor(7 large + 27 seedling size, 3 dwarf),  brazoria(1) , birmingham(4), etonia (1) louisiana(5), palmetto (1), riverside (1),  (Trachycarpus) fortunei(7), wagnerianus(1),  Rhapidophyllum hystrix(7),  15' Mule-Butia x Syagrus(1),  Blue Butia capitata(1) +Tons of tropical plants.  Recent Yearly Lows -1F, 12F, 11F, 18F, 16F, 3F, 3F, 6F, 3F, 1F, 16F, 17F, 6F, 8F


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