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You must be an IPS Member and designated as such on PalmTalk to list items (start topics) here. If you are an IPS Member, you must request this designation. It is not automatic. Contact the Moderator.

IPS Members may not list items for sale from non-member third parties. When discussing new acquisitions, deals, or availability of palms/plants, please refrain from mentioning the names of Big Box stores, nurseries, or other outlets that are not IPS Members. Third parties will be permitted to mention the source, price, or availability of plants, seeds, or garden related products in the course of normal Forum discussions if directly acquired from or offered by IPS Members only. Promotional intent or language by third parties should be avoided.

All palms/plants/seeds offered for sale must include a price and size/quantity. Photos are encouraged. For larger venues or sales, such as nurseries, a link to a price list or a promise of listed prices "at the door" are required. Listings will be removed 60 days after the original posting unless otherwise requested.

The IPS provides this subforum as a courtesy to all those interested in palms.

You agree that by participating in the "Palm Exchange" or otherwise engaging in commerce facilitated by Palm Talk you shall not violate any applicable local, state. federal, or international law or regulation and you are not a party or subject to or bound by any law of any jurisdiction, court or governmental body that is likely to adversely affect any agreements or transactions in which you engage as a result of your participation in Palm Talk.

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You also acknowledge that you are responsible for the consequences of your participation in Palm Talk and any agreements or transactions with other participants in Palm Talk are at your own risk and you agree not to hold the International Palm Society, its Directiors, Officers, Moderators of Palm Talk, and others with whom you are not directly involved, responsible for any Losses you may suffer therefrom.

Therefore any person who is dissatisfied with any transaction should, in an attempt to resolve the issue, contact PRIVATELY the seller or purchaser--as the case may be--involved in the transaction.

Under no circumstances will public posts of approbation or disapprobation be allowed. You’re not required to read this forum and certainly not required to participate in selling or buying if you DO. Bottom line: you’re on your own.


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    • gerardv  »  Scott Cohen

      Sent you request for 4 z splendens, thanks Gerard
      · 0 replies
    • sgvcns

      Go the maroons.
      Smashed the supposedly resurgent blues.
      Love it
      · 0 replies
    • peachy

      My darling Huntley-Albert my baby for the last 16 and half years, passed away this morning and I am just devastated.
      · 11 replies
    • GregVirginia7  »  Ben OK

      Hey Ben OK...I see you're from the great state of OK...I have for its second winter coming up a McCurtain County Sabal in ground and ready for winter number two...stupidly, I ordered it online in arrived promptly and not having any place to adequately winter it, I put it (still in its pot) under my protected Medi-Fan (see shelter palm below) and it did so well I had to keep an eye on it over the winter to make sure the pot didn't dry out...sent its tap root right out of the bottom of the's in ground now...nice blue hue to it...
      · 2 replies
    • cagary  »  palmad Merc

      Call Jeff at Floribunda Palms. He probably has seeds.
      · 1 reply
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