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  2. Is that discoloration or a crack? I can't tell from the photo...
  3. Jeff just put out a new price list. Plenty of pretty rare palms and great prices with a $100 minimum that is easy to reach. His one gallon plants are usually over sized. Acanthophoenix rubra one gallon (huge) $20 Clinostigma savoryanum  one gallon $12 Kentiopsis pyriformis one gallon $15  
  4. Ian Edwards collection to Wollongong botanic gardens

    That's great news, Colin.  Palm horticulture owes you an immense debt of gratitude for your tireless efforts.   
  5. 2018 Florida Freeze

    Huh, well that's exactly what has happened. Very warm in Southeast US now, and cold in the Northwest US.
  6. Brrr it got cold in Houston(Katy)

    Hey that one in the neighbor’s yard that is unwrapped looks like it should pull through. Maybe that’s just because it has been in place longer. I hope yours make it, hopefully that wrapping protected the growing point enough to survive. 
  7. I thought some more, what is the chemical composition of tomentum? It seems rather waxy so maybe it’s to expel excessive moisture inside the crown to prevent rot and fungus? I’m just so interested! 
  8. New pool with landscaping

    Yes I know alfredii is not happy in a pot but I don’t think it would like 17 degrees either! Maybe somebody wants to buy them from me?
  9. New pool with landscaping

    Saw a bunch of wild sabal minor today was so close to diggIng some I but was too busy 
  10. New pool with landscaping

    I could use input for a certain area.... along the west boundary there is a brick wall and I would like a “wild” border about 20-30 feet high to screen my neighbors 3 story house. im thinking of using loquat trees and ligustrums..... any other ideas? of course palms and tropical looking stuff in front of those plants. ill get pictures of the wall as it exists now tomorrow 
  11. Happy Saturday Palmtalkiens! I have to ask, because of my never ending curiosity and need for understanding, but what purpose does the tomentum on the crownshaft of palms serve? Has anything been researched and documented on the role tomentum serves evolutionarily or as a benefit for the plants survival? Does the powdery white material protect the crownshaft from over exposure to sunlight? From insects and pathongenic fungi or bacteria? Sorry for the ramble, just voicing some thoughts as a passenger on the drive back from the San Diego Botanic Garden (I’ll post some photos of the goodies I got to see there soon!).   Thanks for helping scratch the curiosity itch!
  12. New pool with landscaping

    I don’t even know what fusarium wilt is! thanks for the rec on the heliconia so.... that spot is in front of the pool pumps so I need a good green screen that looks “jungly” maybe bamboo? I worry about how invasive that stuff can get ive been able to flower heliconia rostrata and “carmasita” several years now but I had to tent them and heat when freezing im kind of tired of the tenting greenhouse thing
  13. Today
  14. Ca freeze

    Worth noting that long range models favor cooler than average though perhaps drier than we would want in this horrible drought. Wonder if this is SSW related? Model guidance keeps minimums above freezing in SoCal with extended period of cool and probably dry conditions.
  15. size of BxJxQ

    Interesting --- so if your goal is to get some height, one should choose the hybrid with parajubaea cocoides instead, I suppose.  I can take an updated photo of the tree above if someone is willing to send me the address (by personal message, of course).  I understand that Merrill Wilcox passed away over a year ago, but I would image that this tree is still there behind his mailbox.  I had heard that Merrill lived somewhere west of Gainesville (out of town), but I have never met him. If that photo is 10 or more years old, the tree could be much taller by now.      
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hello all,  Many of you will remember Ian Edwards from Cronulla in Sydney, his always helpful advice and  sharing of his knowledge and he and Norma's generosity in sharing seeds and seedlings.  Ian was former director of IPS and traveled extensively with his wife Norma in the past,  visiting  palms in habitat, visiting palm persons all over the planet and attending IPS meetings. Before he passed away he re mapped their collection as he and Norma wanted it to live on after them. So for a few years before he passed, plans where made for the relocation of much of their collection. Last Monday, after day of digging and drinking lots of water, (Norma kept thankfully bringing us the cold water) a small truck load went to Wollongong botanic gardens and we planted them out on Friday, 4 Chamaedorea species came to my place at Ian and Norma's request. Garry Daly, who some will know (not on any palm group) is helping me with the digging, next trip some bigger palms as well will be moved and will get some extra muscles to move them. We did not want to move them during the cooler months so Norma has been hand watering them through the last 10 months due to lack of rain, she is amazing and at 91 is still doing her morning swimming laps. When my time comes my own collection will be moved also. It would make Wollongong botanic gardens one of the biggest known public collections of Chamaedoea. Hopefully, by the then RBGS will have just as many. As rare palms produce seed they will be shared with Sydney botanic gardens and distributed to others. Sydney BG has had a lot of cleaning up in the palm gardens, more walkways through them , you can easily see any species now. Lots of planting out in the last 2 years. that will slow down now the stockpile in the nursery is nearly all planted out. Garry did some numbers over the weekend and the WBG garden now had 260 species in 4 years. Over 1000 palms with more of Ian and Norma's collection to be moved in. Some other species will be arriving from Queensland next month. Now that the WBG Palmetum is beginning to get a canopy under story planting has increased. Would like to thank all of Ian's family for their generosity and support. Ian and Norma's wish and mine is for all to think of their collections and have a plan for what should happen to it when you pass away. Even donate some your collection before you pass. Had no time to take pictures but will take some and post here  And by the way, i have no intention of leaving the planet for a long time :-) Without the ongoing  support of Paul Tracey, former Curator of the WBG and the fantastic, helpful staff there, none of this would be possible so a big thanks to them. regards Colin  
  18. A couple of pics. Still a baby.    Anyone got any tips on prep for winter?
  19. So I've been on hiatus from my palm collecting hobby for a while and would like to get back in to it.  However, after browsing through the web, I've noticed that the few sellers I could find have either gone to wholesale purchasing only, have raised their prices and some substantially, carry a more limited stock now, or have just disappeared altogether. Just a few years back I could make a purchase on line or by phone of up to four different palms up to 1gal size for less than $50.  Most of the palms I purchased were more rare but they were relatively easy to find.  But now I can't find many of those same palms anywhere. Are there any nurseries that I'm missing that still sell individual sized palms at liner/1gal sizes at reasonable prices?   Thank you.
  20. Xenon

    Daily high temps for the past few days have been running several degrees higher than forecast...I'm not complaining 

  21. Brrr it got cold in Houston(Katy)

    Here we go.  The palms that are trying to survive the winter in Katy. Thoughts out there?  How are we looking? Broken fronds are getting trimmed today. Will post after photos soon. 
  22. TracyB

    My tree guy is here today. He doesn’t think we will have anymore cold days in the area so we are going to trim the broken fronds and leave the brown ones until April. His are smelling. Ours are NOT. Good sign, I think. Thoughts? Trying to submit photos be even one says over 8mb limit. 

  23. Yeah, the seeds have an edible oil that's sometimes pressed for use in commercial products (also being investigated for use in biodiesel).  The seeds themselves are also stated to be edible, at least for the species I've seen which mention one way or another.  But I have no clue whether they're any good; edible != good  ;).  Apparently your dog thinks they're good!  Have you ever tried one?  They may be bitter; I've seen some adviced for cooked pindo palm products advising to remove the seeds first because they can make the food bitter. "Butia seeds have a nut that is usually discarded when fruit is processed for frozen pulp. The nut of B. capitata is rich in fiber and lipids. The lipid content is predominantly composed of saturated medium chain fatty acids such as lauric (C12:0) and oleic acid (C18:1). The minerals in greater quantities are potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur (Faria et al., 2008a,b). Nuts of B. odorata and B. eriospatha are rich in phenolic compounds and carotenoids, which are positively correlated with its high antioxidant capacity (Sganzerla, 2010). The same author extracted oil from the nuts, obtaining oil content for B. odorata ranging from 29% to 56%, and for B. eriospatha from 26% to 50%. Regarding the fatty acid profile, lauric, capric, and oleic acid were present in greater quantities. The high fat, fiber, and mineral content of Butia nuts indicates a potential for use as an ingredient in the food industry or animal feed, improving the texture and fortifying the products"
  24. Moving, palms for sale

    And there are many more.
  25. Moving, palms for sale

  26. Moving, palms for sale

  27. Moving, palms for sale

  28. Moving, palms for sale

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