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Most fronds on a Washingtonia?


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I saw these photos of a Washingtonia in Portsmouth, England (50N) and was surprised at just how compact it was with numerous fronds. Like there must be about 25-30 fronds on it roughly. They look smaller than normal, but there is absolutely loads of them. I am unsure whether it is down to natural variation, or maybe climatic factors. It also looks very Filifera dominant.





It got me thinking what the record for the most number of healthy fronds on a Washie may be? Or does anyone know of any others that are super compact with loads of fronds? Please do post photos. I’m guessing there would be other Filifera’s out there with massive, packed crowns. Any with 30+ fronds that can beat this one?

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Dry-summer Oceanic climate (9a)

Average annual precipitation - 18.7 inches : Average annual sunshine hours - 1725

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