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Is this Frizzle top?

3 Milesfrom Gulf of Mexico

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My archontophoenix alexandrae threw this spear about two years ago.  It is the stunted  leaf on the left side of the tree.  It's been a battle ever since.  Slow growing until this growing season.  The palm has thrown  three nice healthy looking spears in last three months.  The palm is about 8 years old.  Is this frizzle top?  Or could this be some type of viral infection the palm had.  The palm was planted as a seedling.  



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I’d guess a mild transient boron deficiency.  I’d think you’d see some necrosis with Mn deficiency.  

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With frizzle top palm fronds are tattered and brown from leaflet tips inward. They often are stunted. I suggest you treat palm with Southern Ag’s Essential Minor Elements in granular form, which includes boron, manganese and many other elements. I can’t tell but if you haven’t cleared a 3’ circle around the palm and laid mulch, do it, so the weeds/grass don’t steal all the fertilizer.


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Thanks for the info.  I have had mulch around the base but eventually the grass has grown over it.  I will reapply some mulch soon.  

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