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Help with Needle


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Hi everyone,

    I uncovered my Needle about 6 weeks ago.  When I did it was looking nice and green.  Since then it has been browning from the tips back.  Is this a delayed winter frost reaction or fungus? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
*First photo March 15 second and third today*




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Did it get any water or moisture over winter?  If mine run dry they will get the brown tips. I see others in cold zones with needles unwrapping them and watering them during the winter

could also be a little delayed cold damage. The tips always show it first it seems. 

Edited by Chester B
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@Chester B It got no water for about 4 months this winter.  It’s just strange to me that they were fine when unwrapping.

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Probably a little cold damage. It often shows up in spring. 

Another possibility is it went from shade to sun. Did you ease it in to accepting full sun. I know if you take an inside palm and stick it outside in the sun it will get browning. 

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I think something is wrong.  What are the white dots in the photos?  Are these on the undersides of fronds?  I would check new spears and if they look ok and don't pull or have damage i'd leave alone.  I'm thinking moisture in shade causing fungus or a bug problem.  Or something happened during your protection method which was???

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The leaves are definitely in rough shape try potting it up and putting it in a more protected area . 

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