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Some cold hardy palms


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On July 11, 2016 at 11:40:31 AM, Opal92 said:

This inspires me. If you can do this way up there, then I shouldn't be that afraid to try a more tropical palm like a queen or something that's only about 1 zone less cold hardy than me. So much possibility when you're willing to care for them like that.

I think the difference is queens can easily top 40ft lol

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3 hours ago, NorCalKing said:

I think the difference is queens can easily top 40ft lol

I have some ideas (; Of course there are many others that are at an easier height. The thing is, in my opinion, the queen is a classic palm that screams the tropics (especially compared to a mundane sabal filled zone 8 landscape). If I were to choose a really tropical looking palm (being large enough to make a statement), the queen would be the best because of it's cold hardiness (say compared to a royal, coconut, majesty palm etc..). For my zone 8b winters, it usually gets no more than 5 degrees colder than what a mature queen can take, so I think something like a mounted heat light or two could keep it going enough to not completely die. 

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Yeah,if you could keep the growth point

warm it would at least be able to recover

(if needed)nicely in your long warm season.


One issue I dealt with this spring is the

dead trunks of these palms which can be a pain

to remove even though the ones I "let go" were small.

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