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Highest Winter Temperatures


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(bubba @ Feb. 15 2008,08:14)

Feb.15,2008-MH-Laredo,Tx-86F.;ML-Key West-66F.Results-MH-Fl-41;Tx-31;Ca.-6;Az-2; ML-Fl-70;Tx-4;Ca;1;Az-1.Other state highs included Tucson 70,Camarillo,Ca. 66, Miami 77 and New Iberia 68.

This concludes the Winter State High/Low results. Spring has arrived throughout all palm growing areas,even the more Northern areas. Without question,more cold is possible but the results provide interesting statistics and an insight into Winter in the Lower 48.I will follow with some observations and encourage your comments.

Laredo was 88 according to NWS official data.


Great job keeping up the  info Bubba.

I knew both FL and TX would take a lot of the highs.  I think that AZ and Cal would have had a few more in a normal year, but they seem to have been down this winter.

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Good job keeping up with all those temps.

I've been eyeing the weather in my local paper.  It seems that Phoenix has had a very mild winter.   Overall, their daytime highs were cooler than our's!    I'm sure they've enjoyed their winter.

However, it seems like Marathon Florida was on a heatwave "marathon".  Mid 80's for most of January.... Seems pretty hot!!!

Laredo and the LRG Valley are cooking up and we've had some hot days here.


San Antonio, TX

29.50N 98 W Elev: 950 ft

Zone 8b/9a (Half my zip code 8, other half 9) Heat Zone 10

Currently, all my palms are hardy to 8b.

լինդա կարամանիան մալդոնադո

(My name: Armenian)

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Just saw it was 107F at Death Valley.Thought this may be reassuring.

What you look for is what is looking

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hi bubba,

you can do this again for the next winter ?

TEMP. JAN. 21/10 C (69/50 F), AUG. 29/20 C (84/68 F). DESERT BY OCEAN SUNNY DRY. RAIN: 220 MM (8.66 INCHS). BY OCEAN ZONE 11 NO FREEZES.


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Hello Cristobal, I fully intend to.I have perfected my imperfect method and can do it efficiently.It will be interesting. How are your Coconut Palms doing in the Heat out West?

What you look for is what is looking

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