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Areca palms turning yellow.

Mr. Flagg

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Hi, first time poster here and palm tree novice. I live in Oceanside Ca about 8 miles east of the Ocean.   I planted 7 Areca palms this last summer in August, they are about 4 tall.  They were very green when I planted them now they are turning yellow and some of the leafs are turning brown and frizzled at the tips.  I have irrigation that runs 3 times a week for 15 minutes at 3am.  Could they be overwatered? I flowed the instructions the tree seller gave me as far a fertilizer goes.  They are 3’ from a tall fence and they do get sun most of the day until late afternoon when it goes behind my house. Is this normal for these palms in winter in my location or am I killing them?  Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me or knows a knowledgeable gardener in the area who I could hire to fix the problem?



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It is difficult to say but a combination of the watering regime (check the soil next to them) & the fact that they look to have been planted in an open site with no shade - may have contributed to the bronzing. Some of the lower leaves seem rather greener where maybe there is less direct sun. These are canopy time palms and appreciate indirect bright light rather than full sun. Also this will affect the humidity - they also need decent levels of humidity. 



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Welcome to the forum.  You'll likely get more sound advise by posting this in.. / having our moderator transfer it to  the main section of the forum, rather than here in the Weather section..

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