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Second to last U.S. Solar Eclipse ....until ...2045. Don't miss it!!


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18 hours to go until the first ..of the last solar eclipse visible from the U.S.  occurs..  ..at least for awhile..  

Tomorrow's " Annular " event will be visible from most of the U.S.,  with the " path of totality " running Northwest to south east from west, Central Oregon, through South Texas.  Here in Chandler, the sun will be covered 79%.


The final eclipse event will occur on April 8th next year, with the path of totality running from Mazatlan, Mexico through central TX, north east through Maine and New Brunswick, Canada..


Miss tomorrow or April's event,  U.S. viewers will have a long wait  ..until August 2045 before the next " viewable from home " event occurs. Path of totality will run from Northern CA ( North of San Francisco ) east southeast through most of Florida..


Everyone in TX.. Weather looks pretty good state-wide for viewing.  NO excuses for missing this one, ..or the upcoming Total Eclipse next April.

As far a total eclipse event here in central / Southern AZ, or San Diego? ...Gonna be quite awhile before our skies are darkened..  try September 23rd,  2071,  and the path of totality on that event will sit just south of the state, over Hermosillo in Sonora...

Get out,  get some shots, ..and post 'em up.   :greenthumb:

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I'm very excited for the April 8th one. My Dad and I went to see the August 2017 one in Toccoa, GA: that was spectacular! For the one next April, we already have a hotel booked in Branson, MO, and are going to travel to the path of totality a little to the Southeast of there on the day of. 

Here's video I took of the moment of totality from the 2017 eclipse. At the beginning I was trying to capture the "shadow bands" phenomena on the ground. I could see it in person (looked like heat-waves), but it didn't turn up on the camera footage.



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Far from the my best,   so bear with me .. lol    ..but,  at least  i was able to capture a few " reasonable " shots..   Hard holding a piece of doubled over 35mm film in front of a camera lens, while trying to keep everything steady ..while being blinded in one eye..  Worth it for sure.  

Even with just 79% of the sun's light blotted out here, the " darkness ' created was very obvious ( Though the " dimming effect " is pretty tough to detect the effect in pictures. )

Eclipse start,












One of my favorite " Solar Eclipse Effects "  ..Eclipse Shadows..







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We had a front row seat here in Corpus. Started out cloudy but you could still see it through the clouds with the glasses on, clouds dissipated pretty well by the time it was full eclipse. Not great photos but you get the idea. 

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Corpus Christi, TX, near salt water, zone 9b/10a! Except when it isn't and everything gets nuked.

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Cloudy day here in Florida while attending the CFPACS meeting at the St John's Botanical Gardens.  The cloud cover actually made it visible to the naked eye....



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Wasn't able to use my telephoto lense unfortunately, but managed to snag some pics as it went over the four corners.


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From Houston Texas, 84% maximum coverage. 50mm lens at f/4 and sampled with 3.75 micrometer pixels.




Ed in Houston


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