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sick trachycarpus fortunei?


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Hello, i am new here to this forum and wanted to come on here to see if i could get some help on figuring out what could be stressing out my trachycarpus fortunei (windmill palm). I got it around 2014 shipped from Florida to Colorado. it’s about 7 years old and it’s been in a container its entire life, totaling 3 total pots up to this point. I’ve been wondering if that could be an issue as it’s been at least 2 or so years since i’ve repotted the palm. 

Aside from that i’ve always watered regularly and have tried to keep a good schedule. I’ve missed a few times here and there over the years and haven’t been 100% consistent (i mean who is) but i try not to let it dry out too much between waterings. it was outside the past 5 or so years in the summer and then i’d bring it in for the winter, but for the past 2 years it’s been indoors in a south-facing window. Could it not be getting enough light? Last year is when i noticed some leaves starting to turn yellowish and have some spots on them. I noticed there was little webs on and between the leafs on the fronds with little white bugs and thought they could have been spider mites, and I sprayed it with an insecticide/termiticide and that seemed to help get rid of them. 

The soil i have in there is relatively old (around 2 1/2 years) but it’s made up of mostly sand, rock, regular potting mix, and i added some peat moss and perlite to the top section of it this year. Could it be the peat moss holding too much moisture close to the trunk? i have fertilized once in May and again in mid July.. I didn’t try to add too much or get any close to the trunk when i fertilized both times because i was afraid of burning it. 

I have tried ruling out a lot of things but i don’t know what the right move would be in this situation. Do i repot it into a bigger pot and change the soil before this years winter?  Or should i simply back off on the watering and and spray it with a fungicide? Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks, Chase 




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Probably too little light. If you can put it outside in more sun. Cut back on the watering if you can't move it to A Sunnier location outside. Mites are fairly normal when having palms indoors. 

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