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My Royal palm tree after 5 years Sanford FL!

Jason-Palm king

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I planted my Royal Palm in my front yard in April 2018 here in Sanford FL….the first pic is the day I planted it and the bottom pics are from today ! This shows you that Royal Palms can survive here in Northern Central Florida and flourish!! The first few winters was not bad but the winter of 2021 was the worst as we had 3 straight nights in January that year below 30 degrees …I think it was in the mid 20’s back to back nights were I am . The fonds died that year but the core was perfect ! This past winter was brutal for only 1 weekend and I believe it was Christmas . It got down to 25 degrees 2 straight nights ….I fertilize my Royal 3 times a year …March , August and in early December. If you live in or near my area , get a Royal ! Mine is living proof so far it can survive and grow like Crazy!!




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Lakeland, FL

USDA Zone 1990: 9a  2012: 9b  2023: 10a | Sunset Zone: 26 | Record Low: 20F/-6.67C (Jan. 1985, Dec.1962) | Record Low USDA Zone: 9a

30-Year Avg. Low: 30F | 30-year Min: 24F

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