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Carpoxylon macrospermum for sale


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Carpoxylon macrospermum Seedlings for sale in 1 gal size. 30$ each.

Orlando FL area. Young palms stand 2’ feet tall. Grown in my backyard greenhouse. I’m looking to clear out greenhouse space. About 5 available. Asking 30$ each.

Local pickup only at this time, in Orlando area zip 32779. Shipping may be considered later on if not enough local pickup interest. 

PM me for availability, pickup details, shipping interest, and any other questions. Accepting Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle. 










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Beautiful palms. Water lovers. I have 25 seedlings growing in my backyard in pots myself right now. If I can ask how old are these that you're selling?

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Did these sell yet? I’m in Tampa but getting away from work would be difficult, interested if you are shipping! 

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Hey @Justin shuman,

Yes these are still available. Please send me a PM with your address and we can discuss shipping. I’d be happy to send down to you. 


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