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Hello and thanks for reading

I have a temperature controlled tropical glasshouse in western Pennsylvania.  I have a total of 10 palms including 2 phoenix roebelenii....all have been in my glasshouse about 3 years.    I think I am losing one, but I can't be certain.  It appears to be getting far more yellowing on the fronds than it has in the past.  As well, the new seeds are brown and quite dry (crispy).  The other is also growing seeds now, but they look very good.  

I am attaching two photos in hopes someone can advice me.  Is this is fact dying?  Can it be saved?  Or should I be seeking a replacement?

Many thanks for any help.







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It might be a deficiency; maybe potassium. What are you giving it in the way of food/nutrients? It could be cannibalising the older fronds to maintain the newer ones, which still look relatively green and healthy in your photos. If so, not doomed, but would just need the nutrient situation fixed.
Just a guess.

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I don't have any experience growing p. robelenii so unfortunately I can't be much help, but I would absolutely love to see more pictures of your greenhouse and all your palms, it's my dream to have something like this of my own someday!  Cheers :D 

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