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struggling fortunei


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I've had this seedling in a terracotta pot for months and it's been on a decline for months and I've been meaning to get to it but just kept forgetting or putting it off, but today I decided to pop it out of the pot and the root growth is so sad. Pretty much little to no growth, but it's still alive with green and pushing a new leaf, but terribly slow and it's not growing roots quick enough to support the new leaf that's just barely popping out.

I have a small cup prepared for it with new better soil and I let it chill in some hydrogen water for a while. Is there anything else I should do before "potting" it up, or is this a "pot and see what happens" situation because the roots do not feel or smell rotten, and I gave them a gentle tug and it did not break.





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9 hours ago, SeanK said:

It's dead.

I can mail you a replacement.

Aww that sucks, I thought it would have a chance, I'll still put it in new soil and just to see if nature finds a way. This was one of 2 of my first trachy sprouts I bought online but it's sad I sucked at giving it what it needed.

I'd apperciate a replacement :greenthumb:

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