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Queen Palm in Pot- doing well??


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I have a queen palm in a pot and it looks to me like it isn't doing well.  Fronds bend and droop down- with brown tips

It gets watered once every 8 days for 6 minutes. 

I live in northern california- the pots do have drainage holes. I have fertilized them twice in the 3 months I have owned them. 

More water? Less water? more fertilizer?  any advice is appreciated.



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This one looks fine, although the pot is too small for a palm of that size. That looks like it might be a 3-5 person job lol

Once repotted if you can, water more frequently. Would do like every 4 days for 6 minutes.

Palms - 3 S. romanzoffiana, 2 W. bifurcata, 7 W. robusta, 3 R. rivularis, 1 B. odorata, 1 B. nobilis, 2 P. roebelenii, 2 S. palmetto, 1 H. lagenicaulis, 1 A. merillii, 3 P. sylvestris

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Yeah. That pot is way too small and I don't know how much (in terms of gallons) 6 minutes of water is, but it's not enough. You should be watering it until it flows out the drain holes in your pot. I'm sure it's rootbound too. Big pot with fresh soil and lots of water. 

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