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Saw Palmetto Rot


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My saw palmetto looks like it’s getting some rot. I pulled the new dead shoot right out. I also sprayed it with a copper soap fungicide. Any ideas on if it’ll make it out. One part of the cluster seems ok for now, but it kind of looks like it’s going down hill. I thought these were suppose to be tough. I live in south Louisiana, so it’s not cold damage. 





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Even if the main stem quits,it already has side branches that will continue growing,so you'll still have a palm bush in that spot.:greenthumb:



Mesa, Arizona

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Mesa, Arizona


Temps between 29F and 115F each year

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Quite a few of my container grown ones I planted at my last home did this. 

Not sure why. Copper fungicide did not help. 

I did not stay long enough to see other suckers come up.

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Idk, I had rot on my Mediterranean fan palms in spring and early summer, even had spear pull on a pindo, it wasn’t winter cold that did it but we had a lot of rain. I really don’t know. Copper fungicide didn’t work either. 

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