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Robusta Survives in Waco ???


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Yesterday I was on a trip to Dallas and on the way up I spotted some sort of Washingtonia behind a Hooters of all places just of the 35 in Waco. I didn’t have time to snap a picture, but sure-enough it was pushing green that was visible from the highway. 

I believe it’s a Robusta Hybrid from looking at google maps past years, but you make your own analysis 



Oh and there where also some W.filiferas and CIDPs that recovered nicely at Quality Inn & Suites Near University 



Blurry picture on the way back  <_<


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That Washingtonia has been posted on here before. It is protected from arctic northerly winds and is stuck up against the building.

still it’s a surprise it’s alive. But I say by looking at the crown it was not weighted down by an inch of ice like the ones here,

I also saw a few palms recovering in Waco in May. But a lot of dead. Took lots of pictures. I may be back there before Christmas and may try checking them out.

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