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RIP HRH Prince Phillip


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Very sad news tonight with the passing of Prince Phillip. A remarkable man who had a remarkable life.

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I wonder if that will hasten QE's abdication or will she hold on.


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So many species,

so little time.

Coconut Creek, Florida

Zone 10b (Zone 11 except for once evey 10 or 20 years)

Last Freeze: 2011,50 Miles North of Fairchilds

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I had a humorous and bizarre incident involving Prince Philip and his youngest son, Prince Edward. I was a young lawyer and ran on a very tight schedule. At lunch time, I would race home and make a sandwich and race back to the office. You could allege high speed very aggressive driving. I was hungry and our dog needed attention.

One Noon, I had reached the point where I was ready to turn into the main road and begin the high speed assault to make it through the light. I noticed a black sedan speeding aggressively and threatening my ability to beat the soon to turn yellow light that was my daily nemesis. No way Jose. I floored it, skipped over the sidewalk but beat the moron to the light, which had turned red.

I looked into my mirror and saw what I assumed to be a jackass beating his stearing wheel. I was 30 and featured myself as a work out hot head dude, who was not beyond physical road rage. I started to open my door to discuss the situation with said jackass. 

As I opened my car door to communicate my dissatisfaction with said jackass, I noticed an azure Rolls of a quality that was a substantial upgrade from any of the regulars. My eyes went to the back seat of said Rolls, where two gentlemen were laughing hysterically at what they had witnessed. I then noticed a black sedan identical to my foe both in front and behind that azure Rolls. I then remembered something in the paper about said Princes in town for one of those phony fund raisers. I closed my door realizing I had cut off secret service in deliverance of said Princes to said phony fund raiser. The poor guy behind me was likely in trouble. I was lucky not to be DOA, shot dead on the spot by a 50 caliber something or other. I honestly felt bad and lucky and curtailed my aggressive high speed driving for at least two days.



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What you look for is what is looking

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