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Needle Palm absolute low vs extended low


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Hi everyone,

   The weather is finally going to warm up a little starting next week.  My question is does anyone have experience with Needles consistently experiencing night time lows in the upper 20s?  I know that they can survive well below that for absolute lows but how about in and out of freezes?  I would like to air mine out as it has been covered in leaves and boxed since Thanksgiving.  Below is our extended forecast.  Thanks!


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I think you are good to go to uncover your needle palm if it is established.  

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@tntropics - 60+ In-ground 7A palms - (Sabal) minor(7 large + 27 seedling size, 3 dwarf),  brazoria(1) , birmingham(4), etonia (1) louisiana(5), palmetto (1), riverside (1),  (Trachycarpus) fortunei(7), wagnerianus(1),  Rhapidophyllum hystrix(7),  18' Mule-Butia x Syagrus(1),  Blue Butia odorata (1) +Tons of tropical plants.  Recent Yearly Lows -6F, -1F, 12F, 11F, 18F, 16F, 3F, 3F, 6F, 3F, 1F, 16F, 17F, 6F, 8F


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I've had a Needle since 2003 in zone 6b, and I've never had a spear pull or major burn. I do worry about the ground freezing, so I pile more snow on if possible. In the last year or two I've  also been treating with copper fungicide after winter rainfalls. In the deep south, Needles and Sabal minors get a lot of moisture, but not the constant freeze and thaw and the days of freezing wind they do up here. With their growing points more exposed than minors, I don't want to lose my (now three!) Needles to rot. 

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I took the leaves out today to give it some air and the mulch around the base was completely frozen.  The needle looked the same as the day I covered it but was also frozen at ground level... hoping all goes well.  I just have a wooden box on it for the next couple of weeks while we thaw out. 

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