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photo upload


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Got photos that are clearly under 8mb but about 3/4 the way through upload this..."can't process file -200"  ?????



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No idea Gonz - don't know if you're on phone or tablet/desktop (cell connection or ISP), where photo is coming from (library or within the app), how big is the file, what browser, what OS, does the message seem to be from PT or browser, etc. etc. etc.

Did you try uploading a photo that worked before.? If all your photos can't upload, and everyone else is uploading just fine, then most likely you are having a connectivity or time out issue on your end. Try different browser, computer, etc. and that will help to narrow it down. If all methods fail, then it is probably a temporary service issue somewhere between PT and you - because I haven't received another report of a problem from anyone else since the upgrade several months ago.

But in any case, I would need more info than what you have provided.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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The message seems to be from PT. "There was a problem processing the uploaded file - 200".  I'm using my laptop, W10, the Edge or Chrome browser and there's no timeout issue. The upload is 2MB smaller (6) than the max but after the upload seems to go through that warning pops up. I just resized the pic down a bit and now it's OK. Not gonna lose sleep over it. Thanks.

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Gonz - I'm curious - what type camera are you using? Do you know what the actual pixel dimensions are of your photos (before resizing)? Do you want to send me the unaltered original - d.ouer "at" mac.com?

Let me try uploading the one that gave you problems - that would tell us if the problem is the photo itself, or something else.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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