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Three palms that don't want to grow


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I have three Palms which do concern me. I didn't want to bother yout by opening three new topics, so I will concentrate all in one topic.

My first palm (one of three Trachycarpus I planted in the yard) is a T.fortunei. It was maybe 20 years in a pot and because it survived the winter two years ago outside unprotected in a big pot,  I decided to plant it out. But it had  probably a deficiency and all the older fronds turned yellow. Its first winter was quite severe and although being protected it spear-pulled three times in spring:huh:. Now there is another spear in development. Should I help it by cutting the top of the palm around the spear?


My next Palm is a Parajubaea TvT which I bought this online this spring. It was in a bad condition (the older fronds had some holes and their tips shriveled). That is why I got fifty percent discount. I thought it would regrew some fronds but now the spear dried up aswell, whereas the other fronds are very green.




This Sabal Uresana comes from the same online shop. Maybe it was shade grown and now all fronds are burned except for the spear. But the spear hasn't moved for a month:unsure:. Will it put one some new growth soon?

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Lol, I didn't want to put these photos that way:bemused:.


The Sabal uresana looks like this:



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The trachy and parajubaea are dead. The uresana looks fine, just a little stressed. They are super tough.

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Trachycarpus does appear deceased.

Parajubaea may have a small glimmer of hope if you carefully nurse her back to health, but it will be slow and fraught with many doubts and difficulties. I would think that any extreme stress now will finish her forever.

Sabal ureseana does appear ok as TCHP mentioned above.  She appears to need some TLC and time as well.

Good luck!  ;)

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Parajubaea is dead. Once they start going downhill there is no saving them.  True story. 

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@TexasColdHardyPalms That is very unfortunate, but I already thought something like this. Already in the beginning the TvT looked very weak and the roots looked unhealthy aswell. The Palms stayed about a week in the store until they were delivered, so this could be the reason for its decline? But the other palms survived it very well and are thriving (I think^_^). Is a Parajubaea Sunkha a better substitute, because I read that they are the toughest of its genus - a genus of weaklings?  

@Rickybobby  You mean the Parajubaea, because the Trachycapus is in ground? As I complained about the health condition of the Palm, I sent this photo among others a few days after I got it. They offered me to refund half of the palms price and I accepted, because I thought it would survive:wacko:. A new palm would have been better.


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Knowing what I know now about parajuabea I wouldn't purchase a plant that was shipped unless it was a one gallon plant or smaller.  One of my sunkha is unhappy and all I did is pick it up, move it 100', take it out of a 15G pot and put in the ground.

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