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Las Vegas Palm tree pictures


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Much of my vacation was spent admiring some of the most beautiful palms I've ever seen.... only the real ones. My favorite is of course the canary island palms. There were some pretty awesome sagos too. 

KIMG0062 (2).jpg

Mirrored tree (3).jpg

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I'm pretty sure the palms sitting on the top of the building are fake. I could be wrong, but I think a few weeks after I was in Vegas some fake palm trees on top of a hotel caught on fire.

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Spent a few days in Las Vegas and managed to grab a few photos in 109F heat. Lots of Phoenix canariensis (majestic and massive), Trachycarpus (many struggling), Butia (hit or miss), Washingtonia robustas, Chamaerops humilis, and Braheas. No real big surprises, but nice nonetheless. 


Not it sure if it's too hot and dry in summer (or too cold in the winter) but I only saw one queen palm and it was in a private yard, looking pretty beat up. 


Anyway here's a few photos. 





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This Butia was actually fruiting. Oddly, others were half dead around it.



Not sure what was between the canariensis and armata... Livistonia?


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