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Where can i get huge potted Sabal Louisiana, Sabal Birmingham,Minor possibly Mail order?


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Help!!!!where can I order or get Huge Sabal Birmingham,Minor ,Louisiana Potted I live in Wichita Ks please help if possible Thanks everyone....

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I don't have any huge ones.  I have some 3g's Sabal Minor "north Texas/Oklahoma"  natives that I recently potted up to 10G.  They'll be pretty decent size in a year or so.

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You may have better luck and even save some $$ if you plan a road trip in the spring. I don't know exactly you mean by "huge" but It's my understanding that Sabals in general do not adapt well to long term potted life. They have a deep underground stem for years before they start to trunk (at least those that do). Even Sabal minor has a subterranean stem even though it is described as trunkless. The only Sabals I know of that can take potted life are the minuscule Blountstown Dwarf, Wakulla Dwarf and maybe a couple others I've never seen. The largest they get is 12-18" tall and 36" wide - not huge by any standards. I've had a fruiting Blountstown planted in my front yard and those are its dimensions to the inch. I know of a fellow in Iowa who grew a Blountstown in a 10" pot, got it to flower and set viable seeds. Very cool. A tiny Sabal produces few seeds. I am germinating last year's crop in a 3g pot.


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