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Dypsis Decipiens


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So here's my new palm. It's a Dypsis Decipiens. 

I had to cut it out of its pot very carefully as the roots were in a tangled mess underneath and outside of the pot.

Nearly all of the soil fell off so I hope it'll be OK.

Any tips for this species? 

I noticed it had a heel so put the potting mix below that.


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Cheers Pal.

Sounds like seramis is very similar to some cat litters that you can buy very cheaply!

I've run out of deep pots so that one will have to do for the moment. It's about twice as deep and wide as the pot that the plant came in.

The mix was about 50% course grit and 50% John innes 2 compost? Will that be OK for free draining?

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rocky course medium, fast draining and let dry out between watering. This palm does not like to be constantly grown in wet soil. Also, do noy put any water into the crown shaft if possible. Keep that part of the palm dry.

Be very careful when potting up since this species is root sensitive.

Any type of crushed rock or gravel will do to mix into the soil.

Happy growing!!


Carlsbad, California Zone 10 B on the hill (402 ft. elevation)

Sunset zone 24

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I gotta say, in my experience, the D.decipiens has been one of my more bulletproof office palms.  They have yet to react negatively for me with any amount of repotting or general cat-tastrophies (Nom nom).  Just do what everybody says about getting some good draining soil, lots of perlite or pumice (similar to most other palm mixes) and go to town.

I myself have both set up to water from the bottom, they take as much as I can give them and have yet to show any sign of root-rot or anything I usually see from overwatering.  They transpirate so much there is often nothing in the saucer within a day or two.

Good Luck!

"Ph'nglui mglw'napalma Funkthulhu R'Lincolnea wgah'palm fhtagn"
"In his house at Lincoln, dread Funkthulhu plants palm trees."

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