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trachycarpus fortunei help


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Hi I bought a trachycarpus fortunei online and it came and i am happy with it but noticed only a few leaves are dead and some have brown tips so what is this from? What can fix this I cannot plant it as the soil in the garden it about 3 inch deep and I'm moving to a new property.that is a new pot I put it in from a plastic bag pot to a normal plastic pot with drainage temporary until I move.i checked it has roots covered in lots of soil,mud,hardy palms said it its been fertilized for a year.so about these leaves should I just cut off the dead ones from the fan or leave them on.i don't want to remove the stems.i don't know what to do help.

palm leaf 1.jpg

palm leaf 2.jpg


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Your Trachycarpus looks fine to me. Looks like nice fat trunk too, not one of those weak greenhouse grown Trachies many gardencentres here try to sell. Don't get fixated too much on some minor details of some brown leaflets. There are many possible explanations for it, but I'm sure that when you get it into the ground, it will outgrow the brown leafs within a year. Of course no problem to clip off the dead leafs.

This palm looks healthy and tough, nice score!

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The Netherlands

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Well it's hard to tell what's what from the photos but it looks like one of the older leaves has a few spots on it. As long as the new leaves look nice and healthy and green I wouldn't worry. Don't cut any leaves off the plant until they are completely brown. The plant looks in pretty good shape judging from the last photo. Good luck.


Regards Neil

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