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San Diego Trip


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I know this probably isn't anything special to most of the people from the forum but these are some pictures I took from a recent trip to San Diego.  I kept looking around for different varieties but the majority of palms were Queens, Chamaerops, Washingtonia, and Phoenix species.  I was with a group, so i was unable to go to some of the places I wanted but maybe next time.  Most of the pictures were taken at Balboa Park.  The majority are of palms but there are others in there also.  Check them out.




Las Cruces, NM (Zone 8a)

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that tree with the pink blooms looks like tabebuia--it was blooming all over in LA last weekend at the pssc meeting.nice pics of s.d.

the "prince of snarkness."


still "warning-free."


san diego,california,left coast.

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