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Random rainy photo's


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G'day everyone, We had some much needed rain around these parts this afternoon!! Plants have been baking here recently and todays good rains are very very welcome! You might notice some burnt palm parts... They will grow out, I hope!!

Normally I have to water for a couple of hours a day which occurs when I get home from work around 5:00 pm, didn't have to water today so I took some rainy pics and thought I would post them instead.

No order or many coments here as my computer hasn't been posting properly recently, pics start in my front yard then move to my back yard. I can answer sp. names etc if anyone wishes to know them.. There is a few foliage plants amongst the photo's too, I'm sure you wont mind.

Other rainy pics welcome too if you wish to chime in....






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your garden is looking very nice Ben !

Old Beach ,Hobart
Tasmania ,Australia. 42 " south
Cool Maritime climate

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Beautiful palm garden. Enjoy your rain.

Millbrook, "Kinjarling" Noongar word meaning "Place of Rain", Rainbow Coast, Western Australia 35S. Warm temperate. Csb Koeppen Climate classification. Cool nights all year round.



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Your gardens lookn very healthy n happy Ben and will be even healthier after this beautiful rain, I dont see any burnt palms, id rather heat than hail damage, I look fwd to more pics you take early in the morning b4 you head to work. Pete :)

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Ben, your garden looks good,

I feel the drops, my laptop is wet :)

Which species is on post 2 pic 13 ? young Clinostigma?






Jungle Paradise in Sri Lanka


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Pete G, coccothrinax sp. barbadensis or alta I believe.

Philippe it's a Bentinckia nicobarica, I know you also gave these and they are Clinostigma lookalikes while young..... Fast growers too when they want to be!

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What? No Brown?

Looking good there Ben!


Gold Coast, Queensland Latitude 28S. Mild, Humid Subtropical climate. Rainfall - not consistent enough!

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WOW! Nice garden!

May I ask what the heck this beauty is???? It's spectacular!!!!!! Must....... find......... One!!!!!!!!


Edited by Palmdude
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Nice pic's Comic, yours looks about as full as mine!! Thanks for joining in!

Palmdude, there 2 coccothrinax species in that photo. the one with the narrow leaflets is C. agentata or C. argentea... I never know which one of those it is?? The other is the same palm I answered Peter G about, scroll up for the answer!

Daryl, there is definitely plenty of burnt leaves in this garden! Their presence helped me to decide what and where to photograph. If the photos were panned wider they would be everywhere so basically they are all just out of shot. You will see an example in the very first photo where I couldn't crop out the burnt Dypsis leaves.

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  • 4 months later...

Ben, this is very good. Just came across the thread now.

The thought of an "open palm garden" day has just channeled into my small brain.

Climatic Zone: Vile..

Location: 37.765 (S) : 144.920 (E)

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Cheers Roger,

You are welcome to come to my garden anytime your up this way! I am expecting a visit from Tassie Troy in a few weeks from now. Any palmtalker is always welcome at my place!!

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