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Can't edit


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Thanks Dean,

But still feel one should have the ablity to edit the text,while

as you said delete feature makes the thread very irrevalent.

think before you type seems good,but people like me do lots of spelling mistakes_due to lack of time,lack of mastery in

this language,and i do not know typing,so i have search for

the alphabets in my keyboard.

I feel this feature must be considered..



love conquers all..



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  • 1 month later...

Dean, I have the same problem, well sort of. Some posts I can edit ( normally for spelling mistakes) or to add a photo. whilst others I can't.???

I have also tried your link and I get this message:-

"Sorry, some required files are missing. If you intended to view a topic, it's possible that it has been moved or deleted. Please go back and try again."

Regards Andy. :(

Bangor, Norin Iron Zone 9a Min temp normally around -3 Degrees C, rarely -6C. Only 2 x -2.0C so far, verging on 9b this year. No snow or Frost this Winter. Several just subzero's this year, lets hope it stays this way. Normally around 5C to 10C + in winter, with lots of wind & rain. Summers usually better, 20C to 25 C occasionally 25C to 28C, also quite humid being a coastal town

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Still can't edit...or read the link. Any other suggestions?


Los Angeles, California

Avg July: Sunny, 72F

Avg January: Sunny, 72F

Coldest Ever Recorded: Sunny, 72F

Ave Annual Precip: Sunny, 72F


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Sorry guys, don't know why that link broke down, but here is the explanation on the new editing policy again.


Essentially, if you want to edit after 1/2 hr you will have to notify me and I can do it for you. However, the answer is to be as careful as possible with your posting, and preview before you post. And if it is still not right, change it within the first 1/2 hr.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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