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Summer time south of the equator


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The rain is hitting QLD big time. Birdsville had record rainfall today. It has been a nice steady soaking rain here all day long. Tomorrow is supposed to bring big totals as the system strengthens.


Just reading the newspaper on-line and looking at the BOM site and it looks as though it's going to get pretty wet once the system coming in from the west joins up with the one up the coast.

Our farm up at Childers is on the top end of the system though the neighbors just emailed that we'd had 35mm for the day.

I'd say that Wal is about to find out how wet his new place will get. Hope you're OK Wal



We had 100mm overnight with more to come. Looks like Wal got about 125mm...I'm sure he's loving it!


Just talked to some friends up at Turkey Beach and they had 830mm for the month of February and its still raining, already had their average rainfall for the whole year.

Incredible rain out west around Taroom and Injune, 125-200mm out of the system.

Looks as though the Sunshine Coast up to Noosa are going to get it today.


Now living the life in Childers, Queensland.

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Rain rain and more glorious rain. I lost count days ago regarding how much actually has fallen. The car has to be left out on the street for the moment as the driveway disappeared a few days ago under all the rampant growth of the plants all along it. I havent been able to get out and check for signs of growth from things I cant seefrom a window in the house. Strangely even though this rain is the most I have ever seen in the last 20 years, there's been no signs of local flooding, as happened twice last year. Hopefully this is giving the palms a lot of incentive to grow. As soon as I can get outside again, I guess it will be time to start throwing around buckets of fertilisers and truckloads of mulch. Also I will have to start planting things soon, it's like pot plant farm on almost every paved surface.


I came. I saw. I purchased



27.35 south.

Warm subtropical, with occasional frosts.

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