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One forum member has been stumpheaded yesterday.

BUT, why is his grower rating no longer present on this forum?

He doesn't have to be forum member to have rating here as a seller. I think that's clear to all.

Will his rating topic be back? I think you know who i'm talking about.


Edited by Pivi

island Vis, adriatic sea, Croatia. Zone 9b/10a

Temperature low last winter: -0.9°C/30.4 F

Temperature low this winter: -0.3°C/31.5 F

-Creating my own little palm heaven-

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That thread needed to be cleaned up. It wasn't meant to be deleted. Back where it belongs now.

Leilani Estates, 25 mls/40 km south of Hilo, Big Island of Hawai'i. Elevation 880 ft/270 m. Average rainfall 140 inches/3550 mm


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