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Cold air headed for Florida midweek


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With another cold outbreak coming this week, this unusual winter has been really hard. It started early in Nov with record cold and just will not stop. In my 21 years here in NPR I never remember such constant cold. We usually get a cold snap here and there, then it warms up for a few weeks. So many days in the 50'sF this year! I hit 28F in my back yard with last week and 30F in my treed front, and 30.2F the following morning back and 32.2F front. First 2 day below freezing since I began keeping records (which for me was 1989's freeze).....WINTER GO AWAY! I noticedf that when this snap is over, long range has us warming up for the following 10 days. Greg

Im with ya Greg....this winter can end anytime it likes and Ill be cool with it!

The most telling thing can be described with the base 65F heating degree day numbers.

The daily normals are shown here, yet I logged several days in Jan 2009 with base 65 HDDs in the lower 20's! For the month, I logged 256.9 base 65F HDDs.....which is 35% over the long term average. And, when I say long term average, I mean data going back to 1892.



Palm Harbor, FL 10a / Ft Myers, FL 10b

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Heres my data for Jan 2009.

The mean temp was a pitiful 58.1F and I logged 1.45" of rain.


Here is January data for a station a few blocks from my home in SE Houston.


High 81.2

Low 33.5

Avg 55.6

Yesterday, I purchased a Wodyetia bifurcata(foxtail) and a Hyophorbe lagenicaulis(bottle palm) at HD. I am now having buyers remorse

over the bottle palm as it is probably too cold tender for my climate.

Ed in Houston

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It's 1 P.M EST, (a few minutes after). I just now heard on my local radio news that possibly the coldest arctic air may come in Thursday and Friday mornings. They are calling for 20 degrees low ground and 27 degrees high ground! If so, this should be worse than the January 5, 2001 radiational freeze.

I can only hope the forecast is wrong and/or it moderates.

Mad about palms

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