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(spockvr6 @ Oct. 04 2006,08:46)

If you dig around on Ebay, you can sometimes find even better deals.  

My unit is similar to the one at the above link, but is wired (not wireless) and I paid......$58 :D  This was a deal that I couldnt pass up.

The other stations pictured at the site above (Davis units) are really the nicest ones to get IMO (outside of professional quality ones which can cost thousands).  But, by the time one is done with a Davis setup, including software and all its easy to spend $500 to even over $1000+.

There's a number of new ones (WMR968 - wireless) offered on Ebay for roughly $180 + shipping which is a good price considering they cost $399 in a stone shop. One used one is currently at $51. The problem is all of them ship only to the USA (and some to Canada). No worldwide shipping for these items.

N48° 19'12.42", E18°06'50.15"

continental climate somewhat moderated by the influence of the mediterranean sea, atlantic ocean and north sea water masses but still prone to arctic blasts from the east as well as hot and dry summers. pushing the limits is exciting.

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