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how to grow ajwa date palm from seed?

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how to grow ajwa date from seed?

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Little Tex

When I do it (for medjools), I use a washcloth with cool water and lay the cleaned seeds in a closed (clear) container until it sprouts, once that happens, Plant it in a small growing pot, and water when the soil is no longer moist an inch from the top. Then keep upgrading its pot until you want to plant it I guess.

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    • shmendan
      By shmendan
      For the past two years, my palm has attempted to flower, but never opens up properly. I can see from the flowers that it is female. They sort of just dry up and fall off. There are two pods on this one. Only one of the three trunks appear to have seed pods. Is any of this normal, and if not, what can I do to fix this? Thanks.

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      This is on Craigslist , and I just wanted to share ......
      Good grief !   Or am I more out of touch than I have already thought that I am ...
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      Can anyone ID this palm?  It is growing very well near Pacifica, California. My daughter and son in law just bought a house nearby and would love to plant one. I’ve informed them that if this is a date palm (what species/cultivar?) that this is probably a very old tree. I would like to get a positive ID on this as I think it is a magnificent, absolutely gorgeous palm!  I wish we could grow date palms here as we love dates, and date palms are really beautiful, but our collection of palms is growing fast. Mahalo nui loa for your help!

    • Arecaceae78743
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      I had know before that palms grew in El Paso and Del Rio but it did not occur to me that they would grow in the big bend. It would make sense because the location dips south and has the Davis mountains blocking north winds and there are lower points in elevation such as by the rio grande where it would stay warmer. The zone is considered 8b by the usda. 
      Here are some pics before the big freeze (not mine)

      and some after pics but they survive.
    • ShaneHarding
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      Hi guys I’m fairly new to tropical gardening started this year in may and I have fallen head first into things and have learnt an awful lot already . 

      I've already got 2 x Phoenix canariensis  - 5x Washingtonia robustas and a trachycarpus fortunei which are doing really well but I want to branch out abit and see what’s possible to grow in my area!
      I live in the coastal village of Braunton in North Devon - south west England zone 9b and I’m around 10 meters above sea level .
      I'm wondering if anyone has tried to grow syagrus romanzoffiana santa catarina (supposedly hardy queen palm ) and Phoenix sylvestris (silver date palm) I’m the south of England or even England in general with any success? 
      thanks in advance 
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