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    • The Germinator
      By The Germinator
      I have been on IR for over a month.... Catching up on pulling weeds and am noticing my mystery palm is blowing up. I think it is Livistona rotundifolia. What do you think?

      Leaf and Petiole

    • Ernest
      By Ernest
      For you my new palm is a livistona or a brahea edulis?
      Make the difference is hard for young palm. What is the main detail ?
      Thank you .

    • GoatLockerGuns
      By GoatLockerGuns
      I have some extra germinated Archontophoenix cunninghamiana seeds to give away.  Two to three seeds showing germination through the baggie (possibly more to come).  These were personally sourced from a palm growing in Fort Meyers, Florida over Christmas.  I am willing to ship for free to the lower 48; just agree to give them a good home.  PM me if interested (first come, first serve).

    • kinzyjr
      By kinzyjr
      Here's a very recent photo of the palm:
      I was thinking it was one of these 3: Livistona australis, Livistona mariae, Livistona muelleri

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Gymnocalycium has become one of my favorite cactus genera. These species have grown well for me in my sweltering FL climate under a canopy structure where they aren't inundated during rainy season. And they cope with the FL winter dry season better than most cacti. I am growing them in 1/8" diameter pumice and a number of them have flowered and set pods of seeds. From a Youtube video I learned how to harvest, clean and dry these seeds. Today I harvested my seeds. But the Aussie narrator of the video did not show how he mixed his germinating medium or what was in it. His accent was so heavy I could understand little of what he said, except the word, "vermiculite".
      Can cactus growers here on PT tell me what they use as a germinating medium for cactus seeds? I want to get my seeds going in the next couple weeks. Thanks.
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