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Germinating temperature

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Hi. I would like to ask you about one thing. Last time I bought few seeds of archontophoenix alexandrae and livistona Chinensis. I hope they are fresh. I cleaned them, then I put them between wet paper towel and put in the plastic box. The box I put on my heater, also inside I put one thermometer and there is temp. Around 28-30 Celsius degrees. I know such condition is perfect for archontophoenix alexandrae, but what about livistona Chinensis? Unfortunately I couldn't find specific information about this one on the web, so I'm asking you. 

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I just germinated some Archontophoenix alexandrae and Livistona chinensis in January.  They were fresh seeds collected over Christmas in Cape Coral and Tampa, Florida.  I used the baggie method.  Cleaned them, soaked them for 2 days, placed them in baggies with damp peat moss, and put them on heat pad set for 95F.  High germination rates in 1 1/2 weeks (Livistona chinensis) and 2 1/2 weeks (Archontophoenix alexandrae), respectively.  The most important variable to ensure germination is fresh seed though.

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Unified Theory of Palm Seed Germination


(Where: bh = bottom heat, fs = fresh seed, L = love, m = magic, p = patience, and t = time)

DISCLAIMER: Working theory; not yet peer reviewed.

"Fronds come and go; the spear is life!" - Anonymous Palmtalker

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