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Should I move my palm tree to another spot?

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I didn't really plan ahead and planted a windmill palm under a power line a few years ago. It is about a foot or 2 to the left of it. The top power line is about 15 ft high maybe and the line under it about 12 ft high. According the web it says it normally grows to only about 8-10ft in the cooler growing zones 6 and 7. I am in Tennessee, and some sites list my area as zone 6b, other sites say I am in zone 7a. Most of our winters are above zero.

But it's absolute max height is like 30 or 40ft if it is in really ideal conditions. It says it commonly reaches 10-20ft in landscape uses, however. It is in I would say partial or full shade. I know it's probably really unlikely to get past 10ft. Has it ever gone past 10ft in a cooler zone, or should I just not take any chances and move it? I know it probably wouldn't like to be dug up and also it has been established for so long and handles winters much better than it's first winter in which it defoliated but every winter after that it has kept it's lush green leaves.

It seems really happy their and puts out several leaves a year. It seems to love our abundant rains. It, however, doesn't seem to grow very fast trunk wise. Maybe it grew about an inch or two of trunk over 3 years and 10 or so leaves.

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@maskedmole Welcome to PT At your palms current growth rate I wouldn't worry about it, could be decades with no crazy freezes before it would ever get the axe from the power company. I really dont think it's worth trying to move now. Not saying you can't, just don't think it's worth possibly losing it trying to save it in 20 years or so. 

T J 

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I would leave it alone also

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    • knikfar
      By knikfar
      Hello all, 
           I planted this windmill palm in my yard about 5 months ago. It was looking fantastic up until about two weeks ago. Then the lower fronds started to droop. Then the centers of all of the fronds started to yellow a bit and now I'm noticing the individual blades are folded in half. I live in Raleigh, NC where these palms are prolific. It's planted in a mostly sunny area that doesn't drain very well so I mounded it up when I planted it. But because it doesn't drain well and the area stays fairly moist, I haven't given it any supplemental water and it's been hot and dry for weeks. Could this be drought stress? I thought it could also be a fungus so I sprayed it with copper fungicide, just in case. Anyone have thoughts to share? 

    • Bill Nanaimo
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      These are flowers on my dads windmill palm , I'm guessing this means it's a male ? 

    • Tradewinds
      By Tradewinds
      This tree was planted about 2 years ago.  Sandy soil in this area.
      I put down palm fertilizer in March but I wonder what could be causing the yellow and brown tips.
      I got on this site to seek you all's advice.

    • TedNoah1
      By TedNoah1
      I have a baby Chinese windmill palm being delivered to me this week. I will be putting it in a rather large pot outside. At the moment, I’m leasing my home and don’t own it. We aren’t allowed to plant trees of any size. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia (the greater Virginia Beach region), zone 8A. Will the tree be safe outside during the winter? I see these palms all over the place in Virginia. They seem to be very popular where I live. However, I’ve yet to see one in a pot, most are in the ground and growing quite large! Any tips/advice welcome! :-)
    • GaDawg
      By GaDawg
      I have quite a few palms I’ve transplanted the last couple years. And, most of them are doing great,  and I expect they’ll look even better the second year as the roots have grown enough to support them.
      I usually add Fertilome Root Stimulator (4-10-3) directly after transplanting and fertilize them every three months with Scott’s Palm and Ornamental slow release fertilizer (8-4-8)every 3-4 months. In the spring- usually the end of February,  because spring arrives early here is southeast Georgia- I’ll add Vigrio (sp) fast release pelletized fertilizer and I also add it in the middle of the summer. 
      Last year I saw a FB ad selling two windmill palms for $20 each. I couldn’t resist, so I loaded my trailer up, dug them up and planted them in a part-shade/part sun area in the yard. Down here, full sun doesn’t do these guys any favors. After transplanting them in April, the older leaves started to yellow. I figured that the new growth would be greener, and it was. Now it seems all the leaves are on the yellow side. I thought this might be because of the  cooler weather. However, they are also planted in an area that receives a lot of water, a lot more than any of my other palms. It does drain off, but I’m wondering if the nutrients are leaching; the soil is loamy on the sandy side. 
      What are some fast acting, immediate release fertilizers you guys have experience with? 
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