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    • teddytn
      By teddytn
      This may seem odd. Everyone pushes the envelope with the palms they plant, like how far north can you grow a coconut palm etc. What about the opposite? If I moved to Hawaii of course I would jump both feet in with all the tropical palms I could get my hands on, but I would definitely plant all the cold hardy palms I’m a fan of now too. To me it would be cool to watch the growth rate of a cold hardy palm in a tropical environment. Anyone have sabal minor, sabal palmetto growing in paradise? I would love to see pics!!!
    • Ernest
      By Ernest
      For you my new palm is a livistona or a brahea edulis?
      Make the difference is hard for young palm. What is the main detail ?
      Thank you .

    • Palmphile
      By Palmphile
      I am having trouble with differentiating between Sabal x brazoria and Sabal x texensis 'Brazoria' , can someone tell me what makes them different and how different they really are? (Or if they're the same?)
    • Palmphile
      By Palmphile
      Hello everyone, so I haven’t seen a lot of coverage of this nature defying experiment but some of the In n Out burger chain restaurants that are new to Colorado have installed the iconic crossed palm trees at some of their locations such as this one of Constitution Ave. in Colorado Springs (Zone 5b\6a). These Sabal palmettos appear to have large gauge pipe heating cables rapped around the trunk and close to the crown. I’m also told they have coiled heat cables in the ground around the roots. They are left completely out in the open, and appear to have been planted in October 2021 (which I think is a terrible time). I don’t know the specific minimum temperature they endured this past winter but I know it was in the single digits on multiple occasions. Our past winter here was extremely dry. We didn’t have any moisture whatsoever from September 2021 to almost January 1st, 2022.  
      Winters are cold here in Colorado! I hope that they were able to make the winter and maybe we could see some growth soon. I would guess the heat cables are kept on 24/7. When I put my hand on the cable it was very warm. The days in Colorado are very warm I don’t think that’s the problem it’s the constantly below freezing nightly winter temps that worry me, they look pretty bad after this past winter. I also know that the In n Out in Thornton (Northern suburb of Denver) also has Sabals planted. I’m curious if anyone has more information, and also what you guys have to say about this incredible sight in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains Ha! Have a look, there’s also yuccas planted in the foreground nearby, my guess is Yucca faxoniana. Thanks guys

    • KsLouisiana
      By KsLouisiana
      Hey palm people! So we bought our house a little over a year ago here in Lake Charles, La zone 9.  And have been using the natural subtropical jungle feel of the area and putting a spin with different exotic things.  We get alot of rain and that helps but we have to struggle with some cold for a few months in the winter.  But I wanted to show off some of my favorite additions and if y'all have and tips of what we could ad that would be cool. Let me know what y'all think.

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