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    • Mauro
      By Mauro
      Hi, I picked up these two edules about a month ago, they were growing in a dilapidated greenhouse, getting "some" direct sun
      I put them in full spring sun at home and pondered where to plant them. The larger one's leaves got sun bleached, while the smaller one did not object at all and seems to be loving full direct sun that has gotten hotter over the days (location eastern mediterranean, sun hot, air dry)
      Which got me thinking if they are different varieties or are the same with different traits/attributes individually.
      I think the smaller one is Palma sola, while I am not sure about the larger one 
      ID's would be appreciated, thanks, as well as any advice on sun tolerance of these vars 

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      Not AI as in Artificial Intelligence, but Artificial Insemination.  Daddy is about 15 miles away as the crow flies as this occurs, so it would never happen even if we did have the pollinators here in Southern California.  Encephalartos horridus x woodii receiving pollen from a E horridus x woodii.  Wet or dry?  What do you do?

    • KsLouisiana
      By KsLouisiana
      So last weekend we did a trip to Avery Island, La to the jungle gardens tour at the tabasco factory.  It was really cool. We saw some amazing sabals and sabal minors everywhere! We also saw some really nice cycads that I have not seen in Louisiana before. Could y'all possibly identify the cycad? We also saw a HUGE Chinese fan palm. Was wondering if anyone else has been there before. Also just letting y'all know it's a great place for a weekend trip :)

    • ximena_alvarez
      By ximena_alvarez
      Hi all!
      I’m in search of any footage of anything cycad related for a documentary over cycads. Would love to have anything you might have, especially of any plants in situ, their beauty, anatomy, etc.
      All locations and identifying attributes will be censored for the plants’ protection. Give me a quick DM if you’re able to help out. Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to answer.
      Thanks in advance!
    • Mr.Piriyakul
      By Mr.Piriyakul
      Hey everyone, 
      I know I pretty back to back, but I just trimmed my coonties because I think scale is starting to die back from a months long battle with the pests. I sprayed neem and scale specific oils for a month, daily.  The plant was still healthy and a hard cortex gave me some hope for a bounce back. I picked scale from the cortex with my girlfriend. I hope you can give me advice on if the scale will die back and leave totally with continued treatment, plus ground coffee. I know its not proven but why not try. Will the flush come back ? Did I do a dumb thing? 
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