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    • LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      By LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      Here’s a little update on my palms after this icy winter! According to Accuweather, our lowest temperature this year was 19°F
      1) Trachycarpus Fortunei ‘Bulgaria’ - this was wrapped in a few layers of burlap. It looks great and no spear pull!
      2) Sabal ‘Louisiana’ - this was unprotected other than some dead leaves that naturally gathered at the base. This looks stellar as well and it’s starting to get its palmate leaves!
      3) Sabal Minor ‘McCurtain’ - unprotected; super slow but still growing! 
      4) Sabal ‘Louisiana’ #2 - unprotected and exposed to the elements. This poor palm was buried in snow and sleet. The center spear even looked like it was reaching out of the snow for help at one point lolol. Despite this, he’s still trucking! I hope to see some palmate leaves this year!
      5) Sabal Uresana - unprotected (other than dead leaves that ended up there naturally). I planted this purely as a hardiness experiment (which is the reason its close to the foundation). The newest spear is over a foot long and keeps the icy blue hue! Let’s see how long before it croaks
      6) Sabal Palmetto ‘Mocksville’ - unprotected (dead leaves at base that got there naturally). This one is starting to look like a mini palmetto now! It’s got palmate leaves and I hope for more this summer! I can’t wait for costapalmate leaves to start forming! 
      7) Trachycarpus Fortunei ‘Bulgaria’ #2 - protected with burlap. this palm is currently my favorite of the bunch! It’s leaves are getting big and no spear pull from the winter! I hope it starts really taking off this year!

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Hello everyone, I was looking at an app called iNaturalist, which is an app that lets you post and look at observations of plants and animals around the world, and I typed in Cocos nucifera and found this post in northern Morocco by the Mediterranean Sea. Does anyone know any information about this? I thought that it would be too cool in the winter for them there. 

    • climate change virginia
      By climate change virginia
      If anyone has pictures of banana plants in virginia please share 
    • Jhonny
      By Jhonny
      Hi guys, brand new to this site. I’ve been on here for quite some time as a reader but never posted before.
      I wanted to talk about Sabal Palmetto’s range possibly being officially extended to Virginia Beach. Usually the cut off is in North Carolina and naturally it is. But this past week I went down to VA Beach with the sole intention of finding as many volunteers as I could at the oceanfront, and let me tell you how shocked I was by the amount there was. First let me start off by saying I went on the 2 most rainiest days so unfortunately I was only able to cover 1/2 of the strip. And of that half I only covered the east side of Atlantic Ave. And of that east side I was only able to cover the street side, not the boardwalk at all. And after only covering that fraction of the strip, I found dozens, if not hundreds of Sabals growing at all stages. And not just Sabal, Pindos as well! 
      On every block there was at least a few barely beginning to sprout, but there were definitely some a few years and older. The biggest one I found was at the Capes Resort which easily was 12-15 feet tall, the trunk starting to rise. There were several around the height of stop signs and most were to my hips and lower. There were a few that were growing nearly at the boardwalk, the limit before you get to the sand. I would say half of these things were growing in bushes, or under trees, or in other protected areas. But there was a good chunk growing out in the open, exposed to all elements. 
      Having resisted multiple winters and continuing to grow (most showed little to no damage), I have no doubt they will grow to be some of the hardiest Sabals in existence. The offsprings of these strands will only get hardier and adapt better to the climate so I 100% believe Sabal is permanently here to stay. I know that most of these trees have come from Florida or other nurseries much further south and this isn’t an extension of range occurring naturally from its NC counterparts. But I think the range for this tree has officially crossed the state line. 
      I’m planning to take another trip next month to finish the other half of the beach where I know there are just as many growing. What do you guys think of these Virginian palmettos?

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Is this normal? I noticed the oldest frond on my new Washingtonia robusta that I got from Lowes (really cheap) was dying in a weird way, it is almost like the way some diseases start in palms. But the thing is it was like this for a few weeks now, I think I am just being paranoid. Does this look normal? Maybe it was just damaged so it is dying like this? I just am hoping this doesn’t have some disease. 

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