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    My Copernicia rigida finally seems to have taken off this year with our record breaking heat waves. It's actually been planted in that spot for about 10 years now from a small seedling,but has just begun producing its first few upright fronds.Its been very slow for me, (maybe too much shade) but I'm hopeful it has an accelerated growth rate from this point forward. aztropic Mesa,Arizona
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    Copernicia x textilis (baileyana x hospita). The first picture is when I planted it, I think this one was in a squat 10 gallon, while the other one in my backyard was larger. Planted shortly before the phot on 12/3/2015, with the updated photo about 2 months shy of 5 years later (9/30/2020). So while my plant was not a seedling, it does show what growth you can expect if you can find one that is a little bigger to start with. As far as climate goes, lots of marine layer on the coast, so not the heat in my yard of areas even a couple of miles from the ocean.
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    Here’s an update from La Jolla:
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    Here is my tree today. gary
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    Copernicia fallaensis in Vista, CA Copernicia macroglossa in Vista, CA
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    Gotta be my Pseudophoenix vinifera
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    Copernicia baileyana in San Diego, CA Copernicia hospita in Palm Desert, CA
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    I'm hoping it is somewhere between a baileyana and hospita in size, but one never knows with hybrids. If it does get big, my guests will just have to park further to the other side of that parking area. Fortunately, my wife and I use the back driveway and garage, so almost never park out front. I don't think any of Josh's were grown from small sizes in California, he acquired all those close to the sizes you have posted.
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    Copernicia baileyana in Vista, CA Copernicia baileyana in Palm Desert, CA
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    Amused these have been in a corner of a public park for some time that I been going to all my life, just never ventured to this corner of it . Glad someone knew enough to put them under a shade tree, little ones doing fine. Some larger, older plantings about 15m away got hit by last Summer's awful drought by the looks, but recovering. Would've been very dry under a huge fir tree where they are growing.
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    Here you go, another hideous Dypsis trunk for you.
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    You should also consider the other palmate genus from Copernicia's region which is Coccothrinax. I waited a long time before growing them because I had been told that they wouldn't do well on the coast (kind of like hearing that Dypsis decipiens, Bismarckia nobilis and others would be slow as molasses close to the beach). After watching the others thrive, as well as a couple of other Cuban palms, I thought why not try Coccothrinax as well. Since your focus is on specimens planted out small I'll share the two 1 gallon's that have thrived for me since planting. First 2 photos of a Coccothrinax argentata, second 2 photos of a Coccothrinax "no ID" which I have been told is likely a C miraguama. These won't be the statement plants that a Copernicia would be, but they are nice complementary palm with other larger species which you can definitely grow in your microclimate.
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    I've read something similar, but agree with @aztropic. As long as the fruit is removed or decomposed they germinate just fine. I did a small experiment last year - collected green semi-ripe fruit and orange fully-ripe fruits that had fallen from the tree. Cleaned all the seeds and planted them in the same medium and gave them the same growing conditions. 100% of the seeds from ripe fruit germinated while 0% of the seeds from the semi-ripe fruit germinated.
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    I had a large queen I cut down and fallen seed kept sprouting for 2-3 years afterward like @aztropic is experiencing. Fully mature seed that fell should sprout fine.
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    I have to ask. Are these folks "certified" climatologists?
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    Today, hydriastele beguinii . It was put 8n as a small 4in pot
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    I guess I’ll call this one end of summer? How time has flown by! Who said raising kids wasn’t easy. Well my night shots should tell you the time I have left in my days now! What a summer it’s been. Absolutely brutal heat and drought. I think we measured a whopping .25in of rain all summer at my place. Between work, daughter, commitments and the heat, the yard didn’t get pampered like last summer. The surprising winner for my yard this year has been a Dypsis Pembana. Took a little burn early on, then grew right out of it into deep green foliage. Extremely surprised! Winter will have the last laugh I’m afraid. Fingers crossed! I planted out a Medemia which is now on its third strap leaf and looking perfect thus far.
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    Thanks to @NOT A TA, He sent me 6 seeds I guess back in March. I placed them outside, exposed, south facing, in a 15 gal pot and here are are two sprouts: Even when young their leaflet tips are jagged. Incredible.
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    Mine starting to be more blue.
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    Hurricane Sally was only a speed bump for this queen palm, after i fixed it in the ground and tied it down it took off again! The left side is on 3/25/20 and the right side was taken today (10/1/20).
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    No. Melocactus do not seem to do well in the ground here. I have several in pots though that I've had over 20 years. The cactus in question is Coryphantha elephantidens,a beautiful fall bloomer with large,highly scented, pink flowers. aztropic Mesa,Arizona
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    Here is a pic of the one at florabunda
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    That texillis looks great! Its a happy palm for sure. I am wondering about its final size. If its nearly as big as a baileyana, its gonna get tight just after trunking as the leaves go to full size. My bailey sat there for years with ~30" leaves from stem end to tip of leaf, then after the start of trunking they started to get bigger. they now measure 54"+ from end of stem to end of leaf.
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    What you did as far as soaking and peeling mirrors what I did. Germination started at about the 2 month mark in my case.
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    Not true... Ripe seed has a much better chance of sprouting.I'm still having queen volunteers occasionally pop up from a tree that was removed 3 years ago. aztropic Mesa,Arizona
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    :D Very good Alex! More than likely they are, this info comes from the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology so it's reasonably safe to say they probably are "certified climatologists" but I do appreciate your healthy scepticism mate.
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    Maybe they were just having a debate?
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    Here's one from a week ago, I've got a lot of other big ones ready to pop soon!
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    They often throw red leaves when still in the seedling stage.
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    Baloo Says Go Ahead And Plant Away ! He will help you Dig Away and if Palm is big enough he will lay under it for shade !
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    That Pembana looks great! It is probably one of my top 5 favorite palms for the wide leaves, fast growth, full sun or shade capable, and reasonably good cold tolerance. KinzyJr's spreadsheet shows some with no damage in the 25+ degree range, and others with severe burn or death in the 24-28F range. One reported 21F defoliation but regrew, so hopefully yours has a chance!
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    Well rooted cuttings with good sized leaves off of 1.5 to 2 inch stalks.. These are very popular on ebay now. Have a few, $100 each. Shipped bare rooted, packed in moist spagnum, includes USDA inspection from Honolulu, US only. $10 for shipping. Last picture is from mother plant (keridoxa in background), leaf is 20 inches aloha
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    Pot of 20 Reinhartdia latisecta $20.......Pot of 20 Dypsis psammophila $20.....Euterpe edulis seedling sprouts .25 each.....Aiphanes minima sprouts .75 each (about 20 available)......sprouted Socratea exhorizza .75 each, (not sure how many there are yet)......Pots of about 20 Zombia antillarum 1 leaf seedlings $20. 1st pic-Reinhartdia left- Dyp psammophila right.......2nd pic -Zombia.....3rd- Aiphanes minima.....4th- Euterpe edulis.....5th- Socratea Seedlings will be bare root with moist spaghum, Plus Shipping Beachpalms@cfl.rr.com
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    Really cool 20 years ago is some time, locals allways talk about how much colder it was 20-30 years ago.Never heard that one before, yes Royals grow fine so a lot of things should do fine, they just have very few palm entusiast. Coconuts actually do not seem to far off in a great microclimate. I have a Friend living in San Miguel Allende at 1910 meters and 2 degrees further south, very similar climate. It seems like you can get away with a lot more cold because of the dry air and next day heat. Here is his photos of his Cocos think he had them 3 years and last winter he provided 0 protection and there is a really big one in town as well. Here is the photo:
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    Dypsis sp “metallic ovobontsira” opening a new leaf.
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    I will just install a replacement Howea forsteriana. I have several in that section of my garden and I hope to live long enough to have an enclosed space beneath a 'roof' of Howea foliage.
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    I’ve posted this before, but here’s my macroglossa after about five years, planted from a three gallon. Your climate is pretty similar to mine.
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    Whaaaat you have a flowering Masoala? amazing
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    I’m going to barf. Dig it up. You can plant it in my yard so I can be sick every day. It will be good for me to lose a few lbs.
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    Yea, that a bummer... Had ( technically still have ) a small Melocactus bahiensis the base of which decided to rot entirely.. Still "alive" and hoping it will re-root.. Lost a couple others i'd brought with from FL.
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    Wow! Btw, Are you a "certified" climatologist?
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    Maryland a Hardier palmetto and an even hardier Trachy even more palmettos and Fan Palms in centreville MD. kinda like VA beach Next is Delaware A Palmetto near the border of MD and some trachys New jersey Queens, Cocos and Washingtonias on Long Branch beach and some Sabals and more (small) Washingtonias and of course some trachys. Next is New york cocos from IWPT and another trachy Next is CT Some queens in Waterford and some Trachys in Norwalk Next is Rhode island queens. No hardier palms here Last, Mass Some Bismarka Palms and another trachy Post your pics please!
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    Hi Aaron. Welcome to PT. Where did you get the palm from? How long has it been planted? Could be just an acclimating process it is going through. If it was grown in filtered sun/shade and you have it planted in full sun, the fronds will burn like your palm is showing. This could take one to several growing seasons to adjust. If it came from Hawaii or Florida, it will definitely have to acclimate. Climate is very different and the palm just needs time to adjust. Just be patient. Flamethrowers do very well in our climate. Also, if it’s a recent planting, do not be quick to fertilize. Again, the palm just needs to acclimate. Good luck!
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    I don't think that it at all. Some palm growers want the rare stuff, others like me just want what can be grown well to improve the environment of their garden. For example royals are certainly not rare in florida, and neither are bismarckia but they are both quite popular. Its hard to believe all the reaction to the misuse of the word "hate". People are far too sensitive to simple words as if they are looking to be a victim of what someone else says. We don't need to all like the same palms, but the idea of an "I hate this palm thread" seems to be out of place on a palm lovers board. This is a very mild cordial board by internet standards and the moderator makes sure that is so.
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    Now that’s a beautiful palm. It’s nice to see Edward scissorhands is still finding work though.
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    Well.....for the next 12 hours or so. Such a little jewel, always perfect, always beaming, Calyptrocalyx leptostachys. Honest, no photoshop or enhancement whatsoever. Tim
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