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    In Arizona,the native palo verde tree puts on a spectacular display of yellow flowers every spring. Can be breathtaking to see some of them in person. It's green bark also aids in photosynthesis. aztropic Mesa,Arizona
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    That would probably be because Katy was about 3 degrees warmer than you.
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    You see both planted everywhere here. Sweet Acacia planted directly across the street finish up just as the P.V.s start flowering. Agree the smell of the Acacia is nice wafting into the house in the evening when the windows are open. There's another form that flowers earlier than others.. Often starting in January, finishing up as the standard form flowers. Stays much smaller /denser as well. A few of the many flowering P.V.s in the neighborhood on this side of town, and they're just getting started:
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    Those are sights to see in person. We have those here in the RGV as well. We also have the sweet acacia, although not as showy as the palo verde they make up for it with the sweet smell.
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    ..So a Hummingbird shows up in the yard for a daily chat ( and to buzz my head again ) before settling down in my dormant Bursera silviae... ** Pretty sure it is an adolescent male Anna's Hummingbird, Calypte anna. ( blurry pic shows a bit of red developing in the Gorget ) Have a few other species here, but even the more common of them rarely show up in the yard, and tend to be a bit shy around people unless adjusted to a feeder )** ...And decides to hangout / watch the Collared Doves squabbling with the Mourning Doves in the Mesquite above, and take a quick bird nap.. With this strange, humanoid looking thing less than a couple feet away. A 'lil scratchin' and stretchin' ( Show off, lol ) Back to catching Gnats and Aphids.. See ya' tomorrow..
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    I split my clump of 4 and now 2 are dead and the third one is on its death bed.... Extremely frustrated, the largest one is the only one that has stayed somewhat green and pushing out new growth slowly. Im likely going to get another clump and not even worry about seperating, ive got a nice spot now to plant them since the neighbor extended his fence forward and gave me a nice lookin corner that has a dip, which fills up with water. They should love it there.
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    This hybrid Trumpet Tree is growing next to the Rose Garden at Leu Gardens. It is a cross of the pink Handroanthus impetiginous and the gold H. chrysotrichus. Both were formerly Tabebuia species. It was planted in Nov. 2003, about 2-3ft tall. It has displayed hybrid vigor as it grew very fast and robust. It has a more narrow habit like H. chrysotrichus but has grown taller than they usually do. The foliage looks more like H. impetiginosus and it has the bristly hairs of H. chrysotrichus but not as dense. The flowers emerge a pale pastel yellow with some pink. They turn more yellow after a couple days then to pale pink before dropping. It will flower twice. Once in January and again in March. It rarely sets seed and they must be sterile as I have never gotten any to germinate.
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    I don’t know enough about soil for indoor palms. I just know that in Texas, we do not need well draining soil for palms for pot culture. The more water retention the better if you don’t want to hand water twice a day June through end of September.
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    I have an ambient temperature sensor on my back porch. I registered 6F and 9F lows on the 15th and 16th, respectively (NW Bexar County, Approximate Elevation: 1300 feet). Slightly colder than areas inside the 1604 or I-410 loops at elevations below 1000 feet.
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    I think it will be fine. I try not to put thick mulch against to trunk but about 6 inches away I make it thicker sometimes up to 6 inches thick. I would pull some away from the trunk and just leave a thin layer and make it thicker away from it so it doesn't cause fungus on the palm.
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    My Handroanthus (Tabebuia) heptaphyllus (via Gardino Nursery) is in full flower right now. It's not a large tree yet, but has been blooming dependably for several years already. https://selectree.calpoly.edu/tree-detail/handroanthus-heptaphyllus That's a silver-blue Butia odorata (formerly capitata) behind it. Also my H. umbellatus has developing flower buds for the first time, so that's something to anticipate.
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    Sunset over Long Beach CA.... On a windy last night, while surf fishing... Butch
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    fungus attack, wet and cool weather. You arent watering the crown I hope. Overhead water into the crown in cool weather is a problem for these palms. thespear looks fine under the rotted spot. I would use a little fungicide. Bismarckia should not be planted in wet spots or close to water loving plants that you frequently water. Companion plants should be low water plants like agave.
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    As of right now the 2 in the front have atleast 6" of growth so far , only left with the newest spear. The 2 in the backyard haven't spear pulled and maybe an 1/8" of movement so I'm hopefull. All four got lights, moving blanket then a planket to make it waterproof. Mule is pushing growth only got a moving blanket , blanket method. Im glad I got 2 C.Alba =) T J
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    Some palms are single sex. Some examples are Phoenix, Trachycarpus, Chamaedorea, Bismarckia. Washingtonia, Syagrus, Butia and most others produce both male and female flowers.
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    @GregVirginia7 that looks like trachy to me
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    I had a fairly young Passiflora caerulea survive 8 F (so at least good to 7b temps) in our big freeze here in Texas in February, as seen below, with only mild burn of some of the older leaves. As for thuggishness... yes it can be in a warm summer climate. Even as a young plant in a small pot it was revealing tendencies like that, secretly sending out runners into the ground, which is why I decided to contain it in a pot on concrete. That and the gulf fritillary caterpillars keep it within bounds here. ex
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    You should be safe from the gulf fritillary butterflies in Boise.
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    Who you callin' ugly? Had these mammalian garbage disposals hanging out by the coop tonight, I've seen at least 10 generations congregate in this area. It looks like mom kicked them out about 4 days ago. Fortunately they do not like raw chicken.
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