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    • James West  »  Tyrone

      Hi Tyrone
      I dopily confused Albany with Fremantle for some reason. I saw a photo of your 2007 plant and was wondering what had happened to it. People seem to forget that coconuts don't just like heat, they come from high rainfall areas. We've had very little rain here this summer, but plenty of heat and humidity. I don't hold out much hope for that brave palm in the Botanical Gardens. I thought they would give it some special treatment but they have just left it to its own resources. They obviously should have pumped it along in preparation for next winter.
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    • James West  »  Alicante

      It was planted as a mature tree last May [2017]. From a greenhouse, but most of the soil fell from its roots. At the end of winter the fronds had died, with only two with some greenery left in them. It now has six fronds, but the palm needs some. . . water! We're having a dry summer so I've written to the Gardens management suggesting they they. . . water it from time to time.
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    • ZenMan 1  »  Bill Austin

      Aloha,  Sent PM!
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    • RedRabbit  »  kinzyjr

      Happy birthday!
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    • Xenon

      Daily high temps for the past few days have been running several degrees higher than forecast...I'm not complaining 
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